3 Times Sean Paul Was The Woke Feminist Romantic Poet We Needed

Have you ever noticed how Sean Paul is always bigging up women with his lyrics?

A thesis of Sean Paul’s greatest hits: “I’m gonna love you up, girl. Go on, girl. Be sexy. You’re the best. You’re the hottest. You’re the baddest. You’re fulfilling your destiny. Keep it up! You’re a goddess and it turns me on. I’m gonna give you all the love you want.”

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Positive sentiments toward women are the essence of nearly every Sean Paul song.

Even when it’s a song about smoking weed, he always manages to drop lines praising women for being amazing and beautiful, and to remind the world how much he just wants to love us all.

Like, excuse me, but that is literally, precisely the exact kind of messaging I want at all times – from the men in personal my life, love-interests on my favorite television shows, and especially from chart-topping international pop music performers.


Sean Paul consistently applauds and encourages the subject of his songs, and by proxy compliments the listener.

He hypes up listeners with his flattering observations on our exquisite existence, while also serenading and seducing us with his accented, confident and very intent bedroom talk.

From supporting “big beauty queens” on Deport Them, to shouting-out all the hard-working single mothers on Clean Bandit’s Rockabye, Sean Paul is rooting for us all! It’s like he just knows exactly what women want to hear, what we deserve to be told. And he will happily deliver relentlessly, with rhythm and love. Below, a quick break-down of three of Sean de-Paul’s most poetic and woke feminist lyrics from the last 18 years (this list was dramatically trimmed from 14):

Like Glue

“Well I don’t really care what people say, and I don’t really watch what them want do.”

This is a personal favorite if only for Sean Paul admitting that everyday he’s gotta shag. Add to that, he DGAF what anyone says about his lifestyle. The song basically says there are plenty of beautiful women out there with needs which Sean Paul is committed (like glue) to fulfilling. These beautiful women “all night dream about” his jimmy-jimmy, and because Sean Paul loves women, if they need the woody-woody it’s only right that he give it to them.

He must keep on loving them. All the time, consistently. However, he is only faithful to his girls (plural) in satisfying their wants. for Sean Paul knows that “a promise is a comfort to a fool.” Like Glue also features a verse knocking the all those finance bros who focus too much on money and not nearly enough on properly securing that goody-goody.

Baby Boy

“in other words the lovin I got to give is certified.”

In the popular summer 2005 duet with Beyonce, Sean Paul encourages his love to share her fantasy with him. He wants her to be open about her desire, to embrace her sexual energy and let him know what she needs.

This isn’t a completely foreign idea in music or popular art, but there still exists some level of stigma against women owning their sexuality and sharing their fantasies. A lot of this stigma is external because the white patriarchy has, since its inception, aimed to co-opt and destroy the beauty and inherent rightness of female sexualty. Dismantling these lies is something individual women have to work through to their own comfort.

But it’s all good because Sean Paul is full-on encouraging you to follow your feelings, “because it cannot be denied.” He also wants to assure you that you deserve to get that fantasy fulfilled and he is equipped to provide you with “the toughest, longest kinda ride” ya done know!

Got To Love Ya

“Me alone give ya security… Me alone give you the remedy to set you free.”

Bless the repetition of the beautiful mantra which is this song title/hook. Sean Paul comes in hot on the first verse, right away letting his boo know he has no intention of putting her down. He only wants to lift her up. He calls fuckboys exactly what they are: selfish. He establishes he is the opposite of all the little boys out there who don’t know how to treat women, much less exalt or honor us on a deeper emotional & spiritual level.

But you already know super-stoner Sean Paul is aware of the power of our spiritual bonds in love. Surely, he’s woke to the majestic union between female and male energy, and how we both empower one another. Of course he only intends to raise his woman up. He knows better, and therefore does better. And as usual, reminds that he will give her the good lovin.

The whole song is about leaning into the love, both singers admitting they’re “not even gonna fight it.” Because isn’t that how and what love should be? When you feel it and you’ve got to do it, and resistance to the feeling and action is futile?

Sean Paul is constantly sweet-talking us, and it’s not a bad thing.

Whether he addresses us as “baby girl” or reminds us we are goddesses, and literally no one comes close to us, the important takeaway is that he always addresses women with respect – albeit a carnal reverence. Yet, this sexual innuendo is an equally enchanting and pleasing portion of Sean Paul’s lyrical formula. He’s not playing coy. The sex is part of this. He wants it. And he wants you to want it too – which is an important part of the romance.

Don’t sweet talk me if you’re not interested in my interest/pleasure. Not Dutty Paul though. He’s promising to give up the goods. He’s forward about his desire, and his appreciation for the female desire. And he’s not shy about his ability to satisfy the female desire either.

Sean Paul is the woke feminist romantic poet we didn’t know we needed, yet always had (since 2000, anyway).

He is of the times. He possesses awareness, finesse, and he delivers his affirmations through alluring sounds coupled with simple wording. That’s why every time you hear a new Sean Paul song and think, “he’s still around?” it gets stuck in your head. He knows what we want and he knows how to last.

The man is in chune to the woman. A playlist:

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