A Few Words On Personal Power

Personal Power. Autonomy. Faculty. Volition. Will.

Personal Power is an individual’s ability to choose for itself how to think, what to believe, do, or say.

I won’t even venture near the link between emotions and personal power because emotions are not my area of expertise. But thought is.

We are each capable of choosing and controlling our own actions and thoughts. We have always been. As children we adopt behaviors and ideas from our surroundings. Still, the ability to choose what we adopt and what we discard, or reject, is the ever present marker of our consciousness.

The ability to control oneself is the complete fucking essense of having a working brain, and a functional nervous system.

Sometimes it feels like we haven’t any control. When we succumb to internal sensations (desire, glee, greed, fury, lust, passion, rage, etc) which operate stronger than society’s conditioned and imposed morality, or the reasoning we typically attach to it.

In those split second moments in time where we give into impulse, this is precisely when we exercise our personal power to its maximum possible potential – however briefly.

I suppose the absolute maximum possible potential would be living in a constant state of awareness and control of the self, and our surroundings in such a way that we could manifest whatever circumstance we wanted. But that technically wouldn’t be personal power, because it would be interactive – an exchange of power between the self and nature, something akin to alchemy and sorcery.

And right now we’re talking about personal mastery, so I don’t want to get too far carried away on magic tricks.

Accepting and owning, or denying and diminishing personal power is still exercising it. So we are either active or passive in our personal power. Not making a choice is still making a choice, etc.

And when you give away your personal power – when you let someone else convince you to compromise the beliefs and thoughts you’ve already chosen, when you submit to the corruption of your ideals you are exercising your personal power at its most basic and passive levels.

An example of this is when kids see a bully going after its target and no one steps in. A fair amount of people have an awareness that the power balance is off, that the bully should not be that powerful, that the bully is manipulating its target and the other kids by proxy. And when no one steps in to defend the bully’s target, to protest the bully’s theft of power what the collective has done is passively given away their power. They have allowed the corruption of their ideals, allowing themselves to be coerced into acceptance and complicity of the imbalance.

Personal Power is like the battery life of the soul.

It is not the complete picture of what makes you you, but it is a starting point, a building block. It’s like you in simplest terms, your lowest common denominator.

Your personal power is your most basic psychic muscle and the more you exercise it the stronger it will grow. Similarly, when you don’t use it, it eventually atrophies. That isn’t to say you can’t rebuild the strength. But again you have to make that choice.

Like anything else you want to balance your personal power. Compromise isn’t a dirty word. Logic and reason and critical thinking are muscles and tools in strengthening your personal power as well. You are allowed to think through your actions, behaviors, and ideals. And it’s best if you do. It’s best if you can attach some self-awareness to your life choices.

At its best personal power spurs us on to extrapolate the vibes. It propels us toward sharing the energy how and where we can in positive ways: through art, love, good feelings, emotional bonds, comforting others, empowering and inspiring others to cultivate and grow their own personal power.

The other side of spur is manipulation. A person could lean toward abusing, belittling, controlling and overpowering others because they’ve gone too far into their own personal power and have become power-hungry. They may feel tapped out on the natural high associated with self-validation, self-awareness, self-actualization. So they seek out the rush of forcing other people to hand over their personal power.

That ain’t the look.

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