Becoming Acquainted With the Butt Shower.

January 19th, 2018

Greetings, again, from Bali!

On the other side of the world they have hand held bidets – butt showers, as I prefer to call them.

I didn’t want to use them because I’m very Western and very accustomed to Charmin extra ply, and also I think the water smells different, like butt water.

But I figured I might as well make my peace with the thing.

I’m over here now and I want to stay over here and toilet paper runs out fast here because there isn’t enough for your butt because you’re supposed to use the butt shower.

Except when I did use the butt shower the first time I got the back of my thighs wet too, so it felt like I needed more paper to wipe that up. And the second time… I wouldn’t exactly call the feeling I had ‘clean’ so much as damp.

Anyway, two nights ago I was typing up some notes when I heard a sudden PPSSSH-ing. My butt shower had busted and I wasn’t even in the bathroom!

Water was everywhere and when I tried fastening the head of the hose it snapped off and soaked my shirt. I found the knob to the pipe, and turned it off. Who knew the butt shower was always on?

I figured that’d be the end of me and the butt shower, but someone came and replaced it and now I kind of love the thing.



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