Break With The Past

Post Originally Published: May 30th, 2013


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I feel like the past is this invisible, imaginary place – much like the Future – which only exists in our minds.

We can’t share the experience of our individual pasts with one another. And we can’t go back and re-live it, or re-do it either. The best we can do, and hopefully will do, is pull useful information from our past experiences that help us grow into the super-awesome and life-literate, bright-shining stars we were born to be.

The world is always changing.

We can dream together, and we can co-create our futures. The only shame is in clinging to unfulfilled expectations of what should have been, or what you had hoped would be yours by now.

If at any moment in your life you don’t like how you feel, or what you think your life has become that’s on you. Realize that the only person accountable for you is you. Your reactions, your thoughts, your feelings, your beliefs, your ideas, intentions, creations – everything comes down to you.

And also realize THE WORLD IS CONSTANTLY CHANGING. You need to keep up, and change, and grow, and evolve, and be dynamic as well.

Or you know, you could just never learn to read.


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