On Forgiveness, Growing Up, & Letting Go

December 27th, 2016

There are so many things going on inside each of us all the time, you know?


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Death To All FuckBoys

April 4th, 2016

…acknowledge that your fuckboy lover does not, can not right now, and may possibly never love and respect you… do some introspection: Why did we pick the fuckboy? Is he really just that charming that we didn’t know he was a fuckboy, that he’d never appreciate in manhood? Was it the D?


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Whitesplaining IS White Privilege In Action

November 17th, 2015

The defensive individual white person loves to explain how to behave for optimal assimilation into American culture. The same exact white privilege they will vehemently deny has ever benefited them is the first tool they attempt to exercise when dismissing talks on racism.


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You Don’t Have To Be A Loser

July 4th, 2015

There is the sad pathetic loser whose pain, appearance, projection, and rejection are not lost on him or anyone else. Yet he continues to suffer, even prolongs his own agony because the familiarity of his situation is the easiest comfort he can steadily provide himself. Given the opportunity for identity-shattering personal growth versus a character slump whose moldy corners are well-memorized,

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