Chasing A Boy Up A Hill

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Seventeen-year-old Jenny is comfortable with her loner status. The only child of working class parents, Jenny is acutely aware of the social division in her community; the quiet disdain and mutual disrespect between the wealthy residents of Laughton Hills, and those below in Marcha Plains. Jenny observes her environment from a distance, serenely disengaged from her peers. She gets good grades, keeps her head down at her after school job, and stays out of trouble.

At the start of senior year Jenny meets charming transfer student Bobby. His cool and collected persona is accented by devilish dimples, and a mysterious reputation for mischief. Jenny is flattered by Bobby’s attentions, seduced by his determination to become a part of her life and to make her part of his.

As Bobby reveals himself to her Jenny follows him – and her heart – up the Hills. On the outside the other side of town is glossy and pristine. But beneath its finished surface crime and scandal tie neighbors together in a dangerous and delicate war for status. From her first kiss with Bobby, to their first fight and their first time, Jenny discovers that no one is immune from heartbreak, no matter how rich or smart they want to be.

Buy Chasing A Boy Up A Hill Add To Cart Available on Amazon


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