Like It Should In The Movies

There were those damn dimples again.
“You never actually said that I was trouble…”


Then I said, “Don’t you owe me an apology?”


“Bossing me around?”

“Hey, that was for your own good. But I am sorry if I hurt your feelings or what not.”

“Or what not?” I asked.

“Yeah, I mean…” he shifted. “I mean, I’m sorry that you didn’t like how I spoke to you. I was just worried about you and Karen, you know. You were walking around screaming about the Jamisons and the streets, high off your bottoms, and you’d left her car in front of their house. It was like you weren’t using your brain you know. And I just…”

“You seriously sound like a buzz kill right now,” I said, sitting up. “I mean I thought I was the square.”

“I did too,” he said with a smile. “That’s why I was worried.”

“Good one.”

“I thought so.” He reached forward to touch my hair, and it was almost working out like it should in the movies. I thought maybe he might kiss me. I wanted to kiss him, but I had too many nerves about it, and I was battling intoxication.


You don’t have to be boy crazy for a boy to drive you crazy.


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