Post Originally Published: February 18th, 2015

Chicago Fire: I Will Never Forgive You Matt Casey

I was happy to see Matthew Del Negro (from Scandal, and Mistresses) guest starring on Chicago Fire as interim chief, Pat Pidgen. Those few moments of joy were gone quickly when it became obvious the character was a jerk. First, Pidgen immediately dismisses Casey and Dawson’s concerns over Welch joining squad 3 until Newhouse gets back. Then he makes fun of Otis for slipping at the bowling alley. And he took the joke too far by devising the nickname Gutter Ball. It was all very juvenile.

When Pidgen continued to berate Otis after big fire of the episode Casey finally spoke up for his guy. Pidgen got butthurt and made Casey and Severide wash the windows of the firehouse to teach them a lesson about insubordination.

As though Casey needed another reason to be wary of the new chief it turns out the hot brunette he went home with last episode is Pidgen’s brand new ex-wife, Beth (or as I will forever know her, the last Jessie Buchanan on OLTL).

First of all…
Casey has zero business getting involved with a one-night when his engagement only ended a few months ago. Second of all, you can’t break up with someone you only slept with a few times – in the span of a few days. Because you weren’t enough a thing to even warrant a “break up.”

I understand that it’s television: a magical, mythical world where presidents fall for crisis managers whose fathers run the most covert and intense homeland spy agency. Of course reality is suspended. But in the name of all that is embellished and romanticized in television…

Secondly, giving any sort of weight to Matt’s fling with Beth, suggesting even the slightest inability to resist her takes something away from the love that he and Dawson shared. Although, maybe in that regard Chicago Fire is being realistic. Maybe it is that easy for a guy to move on after an engagement ends. Or maybe it’s that necessary for him to enjoy a bit of fun when his pride is wounded.


I believe in the super couple. I believe every night time drama, every soap has that couple who belongs together. Casey and Dawson are that couple on Chicago Fire. Or at least they were. While I think Casey is probably finished with Beth I’m not positive she’s finished with him – which would present a whole other bag of trouble, in addition to the one he’s about to have next week when Dawson confronts him.

I guess Brett and Cruz are just gonna have to be the super couple of House 51.