Chicago PD: Don’t Eff With Voight’s Family

Post Originally Published: October 23rd, 2014


I live for Chicago PD’s torture scenes.

Last night’s Chicago PD was fun and action packed. What had happened was Voight’s son’s baby mama, Olive, inadvertantly and under duress led some thugs to his house to rob him. I really wasn’t expecting that to go down in the first five minutes of the episode but that’s how it played out. The team rescued Voight and Olive in equal parts due to Lindsay’s instincts and Nadia’s quick thinking.

I enjoy Nadia stepping up to shine in every way she can, a little bit more each episode. There’s a cute message in her character development that if you decide to start over and change your life, you really can be better. It’s campy and life isn’t always that easy, but it’s still a nice, positive message to see on television on an otherwise violent and accidentally sexist show.

Episode Highs:

Cracking fingers with a monkey wrench? Check!

Phew! Olive wasn’t conning Voight. Phew! She and the baby are fine. Phew! Justin is ready to turn his life around and be a man. Voight’s team is still loyal to him. Even if and when his actions, or the circumstances around his activities seem questionable the team has got his back. They do their job and wait to ask questions and speculate until after the bad guys are caught.

Favorite Lines:

When the bum asks if he’s getting arrested, Ruzek replies “Naw, we encourage car fires. It’s a new program.”

Ian before the meet-up: “Yeah, yeah. You work for a psycho. We all do.”

Episode Lows:

Sloppy Burgess. She left her cell phone at Ruzek’s house and Platt saw their brief chat about it.

If the writers intend Burgess to be a cute, delusional, little girl pretending she can be just as good as the guys they’re doing a phenomenal job. The actress is great, and I definitely believe Kim Burgess is a fine officer. Her eagerness to do the right thing and willingness to serve her city are commendable. But she simply isn’t Intelligence material.


When Voight rejected her from the unit last season, Burgess only had one real option: Prove herself to the guys upstairs by cutting her crush on Ruzek and becoming an even better cop. Instead, Season 2 of Chicago PD finds Kim and Ruzek fooling around on the DL, after his engagement goes bust (like we all knew/hoped it would).

I’m disappointed in Burgess because it should always be “Fuck niggas, get $.” She should have let Ruzek sweat for her a bit longer – especially since he rejected her last season – and she should be more focused on getting promoted to Intelligence. But what’ll probably happen is she’ll wind up making smoochies with her new partner, Roman. Because I’m sorry, if you adjust the star above/beside my boob I’m pretty sure you’re flirting with me. And I’m pretty sure Burgess – like myself – probably just can’t help herself.



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