Dream: Nov 8, 2018

I dreamt that I introduced my problematic sister (as played by some rando on my friends list) to a guy I used to like and he was quickly exhausted by her. He was also not really keen on speaking with me.

And then she asked him out and I was like “uh no, u cant do that.”

Because I had introduced them hoping that he would help her to get her shit together. I don’t know why, because in real life her shit is more together than mine (and any ideas I have of her being “problematic” are out-dated and related solely to my perception of our previous relationship).

So clearly my control issues are at play in this dream, right. Past that I got nothing.

Then, I’m at a pawn shop like place where Corey Booker sits behind a glass counter and laments unfair voting laws. He is shape-shifting constantly between himself and Wesley Snipes, and I tell him that he needs to go into the hood and he needs to rally up the youth, and all the fatherless young black boys. And he needs to go and talk to them and really make them believe that the country and world is theirs because they don’t believe he (or anyone) is truly working for them. 

And it’s all very passionate and Orwellian – in that way where I’m advocating for enlisting the proles in the revolution, right. And this guy, as Wesley Snipes, tells me that the hood doesn’t love him, and he got chased out back in the day. Meanwhile, he is in the burgundy velour with the leather Kangol and gold chain and I’m just like “WYD?”

And he switches back to Booker and complains about Republicans bribing their constituents and how their voters will believe anything. But he can never give me any direct answers on what he would do to fix things. So I tire of listening to a man complain yet refuse every suggestion I make. (Bc we know I’m about doing and not about crying.) 

Then I wind up sort of hanging out with my mother, but I can’t see her. It’s just understood that she’s there. And we start talking about Rising Sun and how we watched it on PayPerView in the 90s.

And I remark how nice it was when our cousin Chadwick used to come and visit.

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