Post Originally Published: November 5th, 2012

Emily Thorne Is About That Life

Last night’s Revenge was steaming hot and juicy like a medium well steak fresh off the grill on a July evening.


Oh! Did you just get arrested, bruh? My bad, IDGAF.

Conrad and Victoria are getting remarried…

Crazy ass Kara Clarke is strolling through their house waiting for word on her hardcore assassin lover, Emily is training Amanda to get Mason off their backs, and Aiden (who I’m beginning to feel I can do without) is all about being a voice in Daniel’s ear.

Speaking of voices in ears, I’m not here for that light-eyed sketch-ass mobster guy, Kenny, who’s got his hands in the Stowaway. He’s all in Declan’s ear talking about “you wanna make your mark, prove that you’re somebody. I know that feeling.” Bro, STFU. Declan is not about that life. At least I hope he’s not stupid enough to be. I’m happy that he and Charlotte are cool again, but I hope he knows better than to trust old salt & pepper in the tight polos and white pants. I mean, I can’t with that guy.

But let’s bring it back to Aiden. At first I loved him. At first I was all about him being British and looking good in a suit, and having history with Emily, and having her back. That’s all the look. But after she shut him down last week, he seemed to get his panties in a bit of bunch for a second there. And the next thing you know he’s trying to get Daniel to get Grayson Enterprises to take over NolCorp (which they may or may not be within their right to do) which would totally suck seeing as how essential Nolan is to Emily’s plan.

So you say you want to help, and that you’re in her corner, but then you sort of conspire with Daniel Grayson to get your hands on her bff’s company. It seemed like a sketch move to me. I didn’t like it. Aiden seems like a sad English bull dog. It’s like if he can’t help Emily he doesn’t want anyone else to.

Obviously the best part of the episode was Conrad being arrested at his own wedding.

First, there was Victoria’s face, then Nolan’s face, then Aiden’s, and lastly Emily’s. That’s some fucked up shit when you get arrested at your wedding and your bride smiles, and there’s a corner of conspirators smirking their asses off. Oh, Revenge!

As for Mason Treadwell, I’m not worried. He obviously treads very poorly and will be done away by Thanksgiving. I mean, please.