Empire Recap: Did They Know It Was Int’l Girls Day?

Post Originally Published: October 12th, 2017

I only watch Empire for Cookie. And to support black artistryeven if it is on Fox.

Cookie is finally sitting on her throne.

Between Scandal and Empire I’m here for women getting their power this season. Cookie’s efforts to preserve Empire for Lucious’ seemingly unlikely return only go to show that the Empire really was hers all along. As usual, she is slaying all day and keeping the boys in line where she can.

I’m also here for all the looks – obviously.


Good Lucious Is… Good?

I’m not entirely here for this amnesia storyline. Since when did soap operas stop using the word amnesia? Is it not politically correct anymore? Must we insist with this “severe brain damage” bit? Is this a sign of the times? Where viewers today are too stupid and ill-read to piece together that amnesia means memory loss?

Whatever, moving along…

So Lucious can’t remember his old life. And he hates violence, and he wants to know all the horrible things he did to his family. It’s cute. I appreciate the effort to engage the audience with a different dimension of their favorite villain.

Lucious Lyon is a central character though, and he can’t stay a lamb for long.

This plot buys the show runners the time they need to plan a future of the show where the audience doesn’t burn out on Lucious. When his memory inevitably returns the character will have to reconcile who he used to be with who he’s become, ultimately retaining the goodness but learning to accept and appropriately use his badness.

It’s deep.

I’m here for the color filter when Lucious is in the studio with Jamal, bonding over music.

I’m here for Good Lucious connecting to the son whom Bad Lucious arguably treated the worst. I’m here for Empire having a central character be gay, having him out, having his relationships feature prominently in storylines, and also having his father come to a place of deliberate acceptance and tolerance. It’s important work for a television show to thoughtfully undertake.

Television has a great deal of power to influence and inspire its audience. When immensely popular shows use that power for good it’s lit.

Also here for Dre in his hat, and his new boo thang

Dre thinks he’s slick and he almost is. That’s why I love him. Dre is just crazy. He doesn’t have a real reason to hate his father. He’s a golden boy. He’s vital to the business. He knows as much and everyone in the family knows it too. He’s just in way over his head and he’s still grieving Ronda and the baby.

But he’s still a man and men have needs and Dre is definitely gonna get those needs met this season. I’m here for the NYPD detective playing with his fire.

I am not here for

Anika’s prison hair. It was funny and cute last episode. She’s been out of jail a week. I’m not here for that costume department wig.

Jamal’s inevitable heart break.

Jamal and his romantic, wide-open, bleeding heart. As I watched Warren pull Lucious’ sever brain injury secret out of Jamal it dawned on me that people who need to love the most are always going to be susceptible to deception. (I’m still processing some stuff, so I’m projecting…)

But damn it Jamal. Jamal is the emotional glue that holds the Lyon family together. And his heart is always going out to everybody, and always to his own detriment. I just want falsetto smoothie to get his happy ending. I want Jamal to have a stable, beautiful love; the kind he truly deserves.

Female Solidarity

Look, Idk where thes international-whatever days and hashtags come from, but HOW SWAY did Empire match that Forbes Powerful Women photoshoot up to the day IRL? I was distracted throughout the entire episode and yet the scene where Cookie excuses herself from the shoot, confessing she got turned down for a loan got my attention. So much so that when one of the women offers her a loan, and another comments about boys not having their backs, I got teary eyed.

I’m not even menstrual. But that line, and that scene did me right in. It was cheesy and completely unrealistic, and maybe that’s why I loved it so much. It is so crucial to have peers who know exactly what you’re going through, rooting for and genuinely wanting your success.

I’m living for Cookie’s continued come up.

Wonder how long the writers are going to keep Cookie at the head of Empire?