I Really Resent Empty Threats

a preview from Sex Acts And Emotional Problems For New Year’s Eve Caitlyn went with Paula and Michael to a loft party in Bushwick. Two enormous warehouses faced off in the middle of McKibbin Street. The lights inside each reflected off the other’s windows, illuminating the block more than its own street lamps. Inside, Caitlyn followed Paula behind Michael up a short flight of stairs to the dusty and scuffed halls of the second floor. Cream walls were coated with the lingering odor of daily cigarette and weed smoke. Laughter echoed from around the corner. Bodies hovered near the open door to the main attraction. Michael paid for the girls’ entry and they received smiley faces in blue permanent marker on the backs of their hands. Once they were through the door Paula disappeared down a narrow metal staircase to the left. Michael pulled a flask from one of his pockets and took a long swig before offering the drink to Caitlyn. He leaned close to her, his lips sweeping her ear as spoke. “Wanna do some blow?” he asked. Caitlyn swallowed the whiskey. “Yeah.” Download Paula was likely already deep in the middle of the dance floor. At the moment Caitlyn had little interest in joining her friend, and she assumed the same held Continue Reading


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