as though her body had been pieced together in the dark

(4:19 PM) Paula: wutup over there? Caitlyn’s neighbor, Paula, seemed to be either always at home or always online. She was leisurely pursuing a BFA with an emphasis on Painting at Pratt Institute. And even though she only registered for two classes a semester, Paula had managed to convince her parents to pay the rent on her Astoria apartment, instead of buying her a car […]



Too Dumb And Too Slutty

Inside the ladies bathroom at Freddy’s Roadhouse the walls, stalls, ceiling, sinks, and countertops were all painted baby pink, and coated with a luminous pearl finish that gave them a faint blue-green shimmer. Pale carnation ceramic tiles covered the floor. There were five stalls opposite four sinks, which were evenly divided between two countertops, above which were mounted two five foot wide vanity mirrors, each […]



Like Your Reason

Few things felt better than lying naked under a down comforter with a soft pillow behind your head, and cool cotton sheets beneath your body. No wonder it was called a comforter. Brenda smiled as she rolled onto her stomach, grabbing a peek out the window to her left side. Afternoon clouds filled the sky, from the top of the window to the horizon in […]



Another Night, Another Dance

Another night, another dance. Another couple hundred dollars. Erica slipped her fingerless red lace gloves onto her hands, adjusting their frills at her wrist. She stood up and admired her outfit in the full length mirror. Cheers and whistles outside the dressing room rose over the fading music reminding her she was up soon. Erica ignored the chatter and commotion the other girls made as […]



Guys Grab Girls Everywhere

Tommy goes to the club by himself, orders one drink at the bar and watches her dance on a stage further away. He watches her navel, the dip and rise in her lingerie where her hips meet her waist and far below her navel, where the absolute hottest part of her body is hidden. He watches her press her ribs against the pole and arch […]



Don’t Be So Dramatic

Repetitive chiming stirred Caitlyn from her sleep. She slipped her phone from beneath her pillow to see David returning her call. It was 3:13AM. “Hey,” she whispered. “How could you walk out on me so easily like that?” “You woke me up by dumping me,” Caitlyn reminded him. “You were awake before I said anything,” David responded. “If you’d bothered to stay and talk it […]



Money Tastes Like Cum

“All our society cares about, bottom line, is money.   Capital gain has always been the number one American value. It’s the reason why doctors pump patients full of pills that give them symptoms that need more pills to be treated. It’s the reason Sam and Caitlyn will be paying off student loan interest until they’re at least thirty-four. “Art isn’t exempt from the system […]



To Embrace Her Envy

Brenda opened her eyes to observe the bathroom ceiling through a liquid screen of ripples. Was it really still about Kevin? Brenda lifted her face out of the water and set the back of her head against the tiles. Steam rose off the surface of the water. She inhaled deeply. Her muscles relaxed. She couldn’t help but wonder where Kevin and Michelle lived now. And […]



The Bathroom Window

Caitlyn opened her eyes to the back of Michael’s right hand, his knuckles inches above her brow. She raised her bare chest off the bed, set her weight on her elbows, and studied him asleep beside her. Paula was gone, probably to class. The metal lamp beside the fireplace had apparently been on all night. Michael’s room didn’t have a clock or window, and with […]



Coked Up Every Weekend

“Are you only sleeping with me for the money?” “What?” “Cause the first time,” he started, “you didn’t know I would pay you, unless Paula told you. Did Paula tell you I would?” “No, Michael,” Caitlyn replied. “Paula only told me that you had a crush on me.” “So you slept with me and Paula that night because I had a crush on you?” “I […]



like it should in the movies

“Here, sit,” he placed me gently on the top step of the deck. I lay back on the wood almost immediately and looked up at the stars, at the big fluffy clouds. They were like cut-outs of sheer white tights shaped like a pile of cotton balls, and I could see the stars twinkle through them. He lay back with me. We were quiet for […]