Coked Up Every Weekend

“Are you only sleeping with me for the money?”


“Cause the first time,” he started, “you didn’t know I would pay you, unless Paula told you. Did Paula tell you I would?”

“No, Michael,” Caitlyn replied. “Paula only told me that you had a crush on me.”

“So you slept with me and Paula that night because I had a crush on you?”

“I slept with you because I wanted to.”

“Not because I was feeding you drugs?”

“What do you wanna hear?”

Michael tapped the nightstand with his fingers.

“Do you want some?” he asked.

“I’m good,” Caitlyn declined.

“Is this just sex,” he pushed, “and drugs, and money?”

“It’s a good time,” Caitlyn shrugged.

“What about Boston?”

There was the million dollar question.

“Why’d you ask me to meet your family?”

“Don’t read into that,” Caitlyn warned.


“Why are you doing this?” she asked. “What do you want to hear?”

“I want to know why you invited me to Boston. You say to patch things up between us. But why do you care about patching things up between us if this crush of mine is so one-sided that I can’t even make love to you slowly once, without you shutting down on me?”

“Can you not say ‘make love’ to me please?”

“Can you give me a straight answer?”

“I don’t,” Caitlyn shook her head. “You’re not even making sense. I think I know what you’re trying to ask me, but y-y-your syntax is all off.”

“Don’t, don’t do that,” Michael whined. “Don’t deflect. Just answer me.”

“Look, I like you,” Caitlyn confessed. “It’s not a big deal. It doesn’t have to be. But I don’t wanna be with you. I don’t want to have to explain who else I spend my time with to you. And I don’t want to talk about my family with you. All I want right now is a job. It’s all I’ve wanted for the past two months. I can’t…” she struggled for words.

Caitlyn knew how this conversation was going to go, and she wished she could’ve spared herself.

“Having a boyfriend is not important to me. I need to figure out what I really want to do with my life. I need to find a new job, a real job. I’m too smart to be coked up every weekend, fucking you.”

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