Grey’s Anatomy Recap: Mer Is Too Selfless, Maggie Is Awkward, Amelia Is Okay, and Friends Are Nice

Congratulations to Megan Hunt! Honestly. So happy for Owen that she’s alive, that she’s got coverage for your internal organs, that her son made it through immigration. Good for her.

“That’s not a man you throw away.”

I understand the right thing to do is to let Megan and Riggs figure out where they stand with each other. But Meredith doesn’t have to be so adamant about it. I love her for being tough and frank when the situations call for it – like talking Megan down and convincing her to staying in the hospital, or getting little Faruk through immigration, from the airport to the hospital. But she doesn’t need to be so tough on herself, ignoring her own wants.

can Meredith please stop blocking her own blessings?

She doesn’t need to give Megan love advice when they’re both in love with the same guy and he’s in love with both of them. If she really isn’t part of the picture then she shouldn’t say anything at all, and especially not anything like “that’s not a man you throw away.”

Meredith should take her own advice.


Maggie & Avery Is Not A Look

Occasionally Grey’s will tell the audience something’s going on and I will have completely missed the clues. Like when a new, young Kepner was crushing on Cheif Shepherd and Lexi Grey called her out on it. I didn’t pick up on any of that.

And if not for April telling Maggie on last season’s finale that she sees the way Maggie looks at Jackson I wouldn’t have picked up on that either. I saw a beautiful bond of friendship formed when Maggie’s mother was sick, and after she passed. I did not see a romance brewing.

Maggie is special. She’s awkward and talkative, genuinely nice and emotionally sound. And that makes her a rarity at the hospital. She deserves someone who sees her individuality right away and who really wants it right away too. She doesn’t deserve a bumbling intern, confused resident, or anyone who has to be told to see her in a new light.

If Meredith and Arizona can attract lovers so effortlessly, like flames pulling moths, there’s no reason the writers can’t create similar steaming hot magic for Maggie.

Katherine Avery is far from one of my favorite characters, but thank goodness she inadvertently put the kibosh on whatever bad ideas either Jackson or Maggie might have been playing with. Besides Jackson belongs with April.

April Doesn’t Want A New Normal

Girlfriend wants her family back. And so do I! Grey’s has skill with the long game. Especially where Jackson and April are concerned. So I’m still holding out hope that sometime in the next two to five years – because we’re totally going to be on the air for close to two decades – Japril will find their way back. They belong together and there’s no possible believable way around it.

When Arizona is heading home for the night she comes across April being melancholy and pensive about not having her daughter for the night. Good friend that she is Arizona takes a moment to just chat with April about that unique torment. I always love it when Grey’s shows women being there for other women.


Amelia and Owen are back on

Jesus H. Finally. I know Amelia is a messy broad. It’s her thing. She’s emotionally topsy-turvey. She’s demanding of herself and others. She’s insistent and persistent and a HANDFUL. But I love her even when she’s bad and so does Owen.

The tumor is gone.

Hopefully it’s gone for real, hopefully for good. Now we can get into the juicy, mushy guts of Amelia and Owen’s marriage: Can these two use their big stubborn hearts together and pull through this for the long haul? I think so. I’m rooting for them.

But infidelity and the lack of his wife’s desire for children collapsed Owen’s first marriage. And Amelia’s tumor did practically push his lips onto Teddy’s face.

Is Owen going to tell Amelia he kissed Teddy? Will she forgive him if he does?

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