Post Originally Published: February 25th, 2015

Grey’s Anatomy: Season 11 Mid-Season Thoughts

Amelia & Owen are becoming a thing.

We got a hint of this potential romance earlier in the season when Amelia’s addiction secret got out and Owen confronted her about it. As Chief Hunt he was stern; yet as Owen he was compassionate. Amelia’s response displayed her strength and her commitment to sobriety and being a great neurosurgeon. I feel like that exchange was where they began to bond. Owen is simply too tender-hearted to be without someone to love for long. And with Derek in DC, Amelia can finally flourish outside of her older brother’s shadow.

I thought another hint at this pairing was Owen’s support for Amelia’s ambitious plan to remove Dr. Herman’s tumor. Everybody know that medical brains, and inspiring achievements always lead to boners and boning at Seattle Grace, Grey-Memorial, Harper-Avery Hospital, or whatever it’s called. The point is I’m here for Owen and Amelia because those two both need love and affection.

Meredith’s New Sister

I like that Maggie is here for Meredith. I still don’t fully understand why Meredith is so fucked up about trusting people. Okay, scratch that. I totally understand Meredith’s trust issues. I just don’t know why she’s so fucked up over Derek going to DC or why she would ever think her post-it note husband – who left his wife for, who adopted a baby with her – wouldn’t want to see her.

Nonetheless I love that Maggie called her out on her shit for not going to DC, because this brings them closer. Poor Meredith needs a new person, and Alex is just naturally bad at it.

Arizona’s Friendship with Dr. Herman

I don’t think Dr. Herman is going to make completely out of Amelia’s ambitious surgery. Maybe they’ll get the tumor, maybe she’ll even keep her sight and motor skills but I doubt she’ll stay on the show. Aside from the demanding fellowship forcing Arizona to choose her career over her marriage, and a life threatening illness forcing Dr. Herman to impart her knowledge onto Arizona, I don’t know what purpose the character would serve in the long term. I think Geena Davis is a great actress (she aged hard though, didn’t she?), and I think Herman and Arizona’s relationship is a benefit to them both in that Dr. Herman is learning compassion and empathy and Arizona is learning to be less soft and teary-eyed. I never got the impression Arizona Robbins was a great doctor, like all the rest of the “gods” at the hospital. She was just the happy, loving Pediatrics doctor who loved her job and her life a lot (until she lost her leg). But nothing about her exactly shouted medical superstar. And you can’t just love your patients to health.

Anyway, I feel like if Herman doesn’t die or lose her motor skills she’ll probably just retire from medicine because Arizona taught her there’s more to life than being calculating and precise. And that’s where they’ll make their trade-off. I mean this is best-case scenario. Because she will probably die.

Kepner and Avery

April and Jackson losing their baby was fucked up. The last couple of episodes showed a deeper side of April, past her bubbly sensitivity and faith in God, to a woman who now genuinely knows love, loss and suffering, and sharing the experience with her husband. These two are an odd coupling and I’m still not entirely sure why Jackson is so in love with her – she blamed him for deflowering her like she wasn’t a willing participant, she pushed him away when her mother came, and she ran away from him over talk of how to raise the children they didn’t even have yet. Still, I think/hope losing the baby will actually make them a stronger couple. April will learn to lean on Jackson more as the very real man to whom she’s committed her life. And Jackson will hopefully begin to understand a little of what faith means to his wife, as it’s a very huge part of the woman she is – the woman he fell in love with and married.

Also, also Sarah Drew better be nominated for an Emmy and/or Golden Globe for this season’s performance because WHOA.