Post Originally Published: October 10th, 2014

Grey’s Anatomy Season 11 So Far


My favorite part of Grey’s Anatomy Season 11 so far has been Meredith’s clash with her (as of yet unknown to Mer) half-sister, Dr. Maggie Pierce. I love when Grey’s Anatomy gets back to basics and centers around Meredith and her issues. Let’s face it we fell love with the show because its namesake was so recognizable to us – as part of ourselves we were currently living, had lived, or as our potential. Meredith Grey is intelligent and hardworking. She’s flawed and self aware yet resilient and full of heart. She’s feisty and loyal, and she got her man.

Poor Maggie had to learn the hard way that her half sister is kind of a bitch when she’s going through some shit – or also maybe when she’s just aggressively doing her job because she’s Ellis Grey’s daughter, and Cristina Yang’s person and as such is fundamentally just more awesome, and right, and better at making decisions than she thinks anyone else is.

I also enjoyed watching Meredith struggle with the result of her stubbornness to remain in Seattle – following Yang’s sound advice – when her husband announced he declined the job in DC and would be returning home. Well played almost-conflict resolution, lead-in to further internal character conflict.


Though I’m really not here for Meredith having another new sister. While I’m more than accustomed to the random long lost sibling device in soap operas I still don’t love it. Maybe I’d love it more if it was revealed later on in the season, or if they hadn’t already done this before.

Another thing I’m tired of is Arizona and Callie’s constant should we or shouldn’t we, do we or don’t we, what are we doing? These broads need to just let it go and break up already. Now I’ve never had a lesbian relationship but I’ve got to imagine that a lot of it is ongoing and senseless emotional struggles because there is too much estrogen. Callie and Arizona are constantly like “but I thought you” and “why didn’t you just say you didn’t want” and “wait, do you not want?” AND I’M JUST LIKE JESUS, BREAK UP ALREADY!

Neither here nor there: But where the hell did Gina Davis come from and why? You know who I miss? The guy who fitted Arizona for her prosthetic in Season 9. That guy needs to come back in my Thursday nights.