Human Failure

Post Originally Published: April 9th, 2012


Yesterday I saw a pregnant junkie on the downtown 6, asking for money.

She had the tell-tale scabs on her face. She was pale. I couldn’t really read her eyes, maybe she was embarrassed, maybe she was high. I hated her on sight. You already know how I feel about baby-having, and white people in clean clothes asking for money. I was judging this bitch so hardcore.

She had on perfectly suitable Nike Air Maxes, blue jeans with hems in tact, and some cream colored Lands’ End looking fleece. She was wearing jewelry for crying the fuck out loud, and she’s giving me and roughly twenty other people the monotonous “Ladies and gentlemen….find it in your heart….God bless.”

No, bitch. I haven’t got kindness in my heart for idiots who breed. Idiots breeding is infinitely worse than normal people breeding. It’s one thing when functional, normal, sober adults with healthy, normal childhoods and upbringings get married and make families. I’m not saying there’s only one way to go about child-having. I think the whole thing is stupid, but if you’re going to put a baby friend up your snatch, how about you not be a junkie? And if you’re going to be a pregnant junkie don’t suck at life and ask me for 25cents, because I’m judging you and I firmly believe you should be dead. Like what happened to the good old days when junkies used to rob people? You’re begging? You scab.

I once saw a sloppy, ashy hoe on the J train wearing her house clothes and flip flops, and cajoling her three children to sing for money. There was no feeling to the song, they looked miserable, and she looked mean. The whole thing was god awful, and I was judging. I resent being guilted to give a fuck-up money. You fucked-up because you suck and make stupid decisions, and you want us working people to give you a spare dollar, so you can do what with it, exactly? Turn your life around? I think fuck-ups like this should all be put into manual labor. American corporations would save so much money putting them to work. They should just come to New York and take all the homeless beggar failures and ship them to the Appalachia and make them work in factories for food. Not even for money, or healthcare, just food. Give them a place to live and feed them, and leave them to procreate and make more factory workers. It’s an idea…

And I know I sound like an insensitive, heartless, judgmental hack, but let’s be fucking real. There’s a scale somewhere here, and though I might be a lush with a bad attitude and thing for 23 year olds (and even though I have a sparkling habit of alienating myself by unapologetically hurting my “friends”) at the very fucking least I have an apartment, and a lease, and a “job” and I don’t fucking beg people for money. (I mean I still do owe a few people money, so I’d better work that out.) Terrible I know. But fuck it.


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