I’m Here For Mistresses Season 2

Post Originally Published: June 12th, 2014


I wasn’t fully here for the first season of ABC’s Mistresses.

Here’s why: Karen, the DOCTOR of the bunch, was the most naive. She repeatedly made the stupidest possible decisions at every turn.

April, the MOTHER of the bunch, was the most needy, whiny, and indecisive. She was also pretty naive and foolish. But fortunately when her undead husband showed up, trying to work his way back into her life she had enough brass to show him the way out.

Savi, the one with the near-perfect life, literally fucked it all up by sleeping with her coworker and getting knocked up while she and her gorgeous Australian husband were themselves trying to conceive a bebe.

Joss was easily (and so far continues to be) the best, most interesting, and naturally dynamic and versatile character on Mistresses. The mid-twenties, trial-lesbian real-estate agent who used her sexuality to her career advantage until she learned sometimes playing with fire will get you burned.

Mistresses Is Better The Second Time Around.

mistresses-savannah-harry-domWhile I can hardly understand why Savi is pursuing a relationship with Dom… (do marriage vows mean anything anymore? to anyone?) I’m not mad that I get to see Jason George and his dashing dimples during Grey’s Anatomy downtime. Get your work, bb, and smile all night if you like. But it looks like Savi’s on her way to reevaluating whether or not attempting a committed relationship with the man you broke your vows with is a smart idea. I don’t think it is, but that’s just me. Unmarried, and not unfaithful.

Still, it breaks my heart to see Harry’s sad eyes whenever they’re at the house at the same time. I’m rooting for a reconciliation, and enjoying the fact that he’s still in her life by proxy through his venture with Joss.

Joss! Is! The! BEST! She has ambition, style, a good heart, and is always encouraging her friends. She has the good sense to believe in herself, take risks, and still know that she’s nowhere near got-it-all-together. Yet, somehow she’s got it more together than the other Mistresses.

Also, does anyone else see some natural chemistry between Harry and Joss? Maybe it’s because – with the exception of Jason George, those are the two best actors on the show. I don’t know if the writers are brave enough to pull off a fling between the estranged husband and sister-in-law, or whether that level of believable salaciousness would match the fabric the show has already woven itself.

Granted, everyone else makes awful decisions. Harry and Joss don’t need to be the exception. And I could use more shirtless Harry. Everyone could.

I’m glad Karen is working again, that she feels strong enough to help others. But I’m still skeptical she knows how to help without getting lost in and sopping up the patient’s drama. Though, I do wonder if she’ll make her last mistake in reverse and start hooking up with her doctor. Wouldn’t it be nice is her former ken doll/model partner returned and guided that foggy-headed broad into a relationship resembling normality and health?

April I can deal with. She’s still whiny, and indecisive, and lacking in confidence. I just don’t like these traits in anyone personally. I’m glad she’s getting smoldering, hot, artist loft sex with that smoldering, hot artist in his loft. I’m very happy for her because everyone should sex a smoldering artist in a loft at least once, or all day, or for two days – if you can.

Mistresses is not a hit for me yet. But it’s not a total miss.


There’s a reason this show is on during the summer. It’s almost good, but it’s not gripping, intriguing, or particularly well crafted enough to draw and hold prime time viewers in large numbers. It’s not an awful show. Obviously, I’m into the babes. It’s colorful (literally, it’s a pretty show to watch), and the dialogue is believable. The Mistresses are like real women. They love their friends. The love their work. They want and need stable romantic love. And they make RI-GOD-DAMN-DICULOUS decisions, but they’re figuring it out and they look flawlessly good while they do.

Wouldn’t it be great if we all had that fortune?


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