I’m Your Venus 💋✨

Oi! Venus – planet of beauty, love, money, and pleasure // ruler of Libra and Taurus – has been in a retrograde since Oct. 5 and will be until mid-November. Super fun time to cut your hair or renovate the house. (Don’t do it.)

The real astrologers have advice on what each sign should consider during this period. I’m not a real astrologer, I just dabble. Get your fixes here, and here, and here.


A few weeks ago I was talking with a business woman on the beach who needs some copywriting for her website. I was reluctant to quote her because I’m not allowed to work in Bali. All of my clients are US-based and all my business is digital/virtual.

Additionally, I have no idea how to position myself in this market. I’m golden undercutting US competition with my rates, because it gives me an advantage and also works with my cost of living.

Anyway, this woman was also adamant that I not hesitate to ask for what I think I’m worth. This is a common problem for lots of professional women – even if we are professionally watching the sunset on a tropical beach.

Women have a lot to contend with…

Both, internally and externally, when asking for what we want in life, love, and career: fear of denial, rejection, judgement, perception, backlash, etc. Let’s be honest, a woman’s legacy and career is much more likely to crumble beneath a rumor than a man’s. A woman’s career is also much more likely to stall due to external factors than a man’s.

That’s why we should all just work for ourselves! Because if there is one thing you can absolutely control more than life and love it’s your career. I promise.

I had a business owner friend once with two philosophies I really respected. The first was:

It’s better to ask for forgiveness than permission.

And, the second:

Just ask. If the answer’s no it was never yours to have anyway, and at least you know and can move on.

I feel like success has no time or room for dwelling. Re-grouping, re-structuring, re-calibrating yes. But getting after my dreams is the full-time job. And there are no breaks for crying over what’s been denied, or lost. Must keep going.

Last night I pitched two new potential clients. One is a bigger project than I’m used to but I’m super into it. The other is exactly precisely within my comfort zone, and just the second cornerstone I was looking for, in addition to my CBD client (whom I adore, honestly!).

These two potential new clients are just what I’ve been wanting. But I admit that I did hesitate for something like twenty minutes before I finished my proposals and hit send. Sometimes you are scared. Sometimes you wonder who you think you are. Sometimes you wonder if you can actually do it. But then you’re like hello, I am me and I follow my dreams. And second of all, of course I can do it. I can do anything I put my mind to.


I’ve been thinking about my relationship to money for a little over a month now. Because when you read as many horoscopes as I do it starts to feel like all time is happening all the time, and time might actually be an infinite pile of CDs stacked on a plastic rod. So that Venus retrograde might have started on October 5, but you start thinking about these themes beforehand because who really knows what day it is anyway?

So anyway, I don’t want to ask people for a lot of money. I just do not. I think my relationship to money is very fluid and it always has been. I’ve always managed to earn more money with every job I took, or to love every job a little more than the one before. Knock on wood, but I’m a very lucky woman and I think my perspective has everything to do with that.

I consider every move I make to be an upgrade in some capacity.

I’m not doing what I’m doing only for money. I’m doing it for freedom and flexibility.

I do it because I enjoy it. I do it because it challenges and inspires me, and I have acquired these skills – and continue to learn more – through a passion for the activity. I don’t build websites because it’s on trend now, but congratulations to you if you graduate coding school. I would probably barely make it out.

I build websites because I like puzzles. I build them because I like computers and technology and communicating and taking and sharing pretty pictures. I write things for people because I can’t stand to read a bunch of words that don’t say anything. I do copywriting because I know I can make it better. And no one should be out there parading shit.

And I’m positioning myself and my business to help other people.

I want to help people who are passionate about their thing, and I don’t want to just make money off of them and leave them. I want to be fairly and appropriately paid for my time and mental energy, but I want both of us to feel really good about it once it’s done. Like we both are a part of something beautiful that is going to put goodness out into a super fucking messy world.

All of that said. I recently quoted a guy my monthly rate for the one and only package I offer and he said it was kind of “stiff” (I think he meant steep). So I broke down the math, to the cent, and looped in the US wage economy, sprinkled some factual sales language on top, and urged him to look for someone else for less.

I know exactly what I’m offering and I know exactly how absolutely perfect my prices are.

I also know that what I am worth is more than money, honey.
And I’ve got more faith in that than anything else.

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