Interview: Boshia

Green hair, focused eyes.

Inspired femcee goddess Boshia Rae-Jean flows in delightful homage to the advent of conscious 90s female hip hop with the playfulness of new jack swing. Fueled by expression, human potential, and the intelligence and selflessness of many notable women before her, Boshia began rhyming before she was a teenager and is dropping her EP later this year.

On September 7, she joins over 60 creative performers and live acts at Brooklyn Wildlife’s Summer Festival at The Paperbox in Brooklyn.

The Q+A

When did you write your first rhyme?
BRJ: I was about 11 when I wrote my first rhyme. I was writing poetry to release my thoughts.

RN: When did you spit in your first battle?
BRJ:  I was 14, and I was nervous. I was the only female on the basketball court outside. I got into trouble for using profanity on school grounds.

RN: What made you go from listening to, and loving the music, to merging with it?
BRJ: I’ve always felt in tune with music on a spiritual level. Music is more than the shit you listen to on the radio. It’s everywhere on a more abstract level if you really think about it.

RN: Who are some of your influences?
BRJ: My influences are my Mother, Grandmother, QUEEN LATIFAH, THE RUNAWAYS, THE SLITS, ERYKA BADU, JANELLE MONAE, FLOETRY, GLORIA STEINEM, LAURYN HILL, and last but not least ROSA PARKS. They all embody strong minds and a sense of selflessness. I admire these qualities in people.

BK Wildlife Summer Festival

RN: What inspires you?
BRJ: Life. The fact that we have the ability to evolve, transition from youth to adulthood, learn lessons through our pasts. The 90’s era and its individual expression.

RN: When did you record your first song?
BRJ: I recorded my first song when I was 18 going on 19, in Manhattan with Music Mechanisms. They brought the best out of me and taught me to record myself. Being an indie artist you have to engineer yourself sometimes.

RN: What was your first mix-tape?
BRJ: I’m about to release my first one with my new group, BR3W, I started it with Scootie Jackson.

RN: When was your first live performance?
BRJ: It was at Bar East In SOHO. It was fun, but a little stressful. I was really anxious and also running late because I wanted to make sure all my friends were there before I performed. But everything  turned out fine and was copacetic. I got the practice and experience I needed, and the support. That’s what’s important.

RN: When did you get to Brooklyn?
BRJ: Brooklyn has felt like a second home to me since I was 13 years old because father resided there. I recall the visits and times I spent in Brooklyn during my childhood. I definitely feel that I have always had a connection to Brooklyn, the culture and its people. It’s something very organic and intriguing.

RN: How did you become involved with Brooklyn Wildlife?
BRJ: My friend Ohene Cornelius invited me to perform at the BK Wildlife Film Festival in January 2013. One Man Funk Band started his set, and asked if anyone can freestyle. I skated to the stage, rocked the mic real quick, the rest is History.

RN: Any releases/projects coming down the pipeline?
BRJ: Yes, about four before the year is out, including my EP which I’ve been working on for a year and a half.

Catch Boshia x BR3W along with JX Cannon, Mega, Rose Hart, and over 60 other live performers at the Brooklyn Wildlife Summer Festival 9.7.13 at Paperbox.

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