Interview: JX CANNON

JX CANNON is an open-hearted, gregarious DJ whose ideal party includes “Goons and queers and bad bitches and stoners and candy kids and catholic schoolgirls coexisting under one funk.”

He’s done sets at the original House of Yes, and Wreck Room, and will be spinning on 9.7.13 at Brooklyn Wildlife’s Summer Festival  @Paperbox – a 12 hour celebration of Brooklyn affiliated art with over 50 live acts and performances. (Get your tickets here.)

The Q&A:

Ruth Nineke: What made you start spinning?
JX Cannon: I composed music for an experimental theater piece called Gravity that ran at the House of Yes last summer. The director asked me to dj for a little bit after each performance. Its grown from there.

RN: What was one of the first records you heard and immediately fell in love with?
JX: There’s a few. Proceed by The Roots, All Caps by Madvillain, Electricity by Captain Beefheart, Ghost Town by The Specials, Cosmic Dancer by T Rex.

RN: When did you spin your first party?
JX: A rooftop party I threw in alphabet city. I played with Cakes Da Killa, Ratking, Bitches Is Crazy, and 85th.

RN: What’s your favorite music to spin?
JX: Im really feeling kuduro right now, also garage house, dancehall, and weird internet rappers.

RN: Describe your sound.
JX: Wild. I play alot of “EDM” but also play shit like Los Zafiros and Fine Young Cannibals.

RN: What’s your ideal party.
JX: Goons and queers and bad bitches and stoners and candy kids and catholic schoolgirls coexisting under one funk.

RN: When did you get to NYC?
JX: I live in the Bronx. I moved there the day after graduation high school. Ive been here for about 5 years.

RN: What was your first Brooklyn party?
JX: Dom O Briggs brought my friend Flip and I to an NYU house party where everyone was on poppers and/or had a high top fade.

RN: How did you become involved with BK Wildlife?
JX: I was like “Yo Chris Whats Good” and he was like “Aight Come Thru”

RN: Any mixes/projects in the pipeline?
JX: I’m working on a new ep of dance music that will drop late September/early October.

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