Photo Credit: Morgan Quay

“I HAD to merge with the music in order to fulfill my destiny.” ~ MEGA

Like many artists and musicians, MEGA felt a pull toward creative expression since middle school. After a back injury forced her to reexamine her life she began social work with junior high students, which eventually led her to answer the call of the Mic.

In December 2012 MEGA spat in her first cypher. Here, she met Que Cee – who later introduced her to Brooklyn Wildlife. This Saturday MEGA joins an ambitious line-up of 60+ artists for BK Wildlife’s Summer Festival at PaperBox Brooklyn.

Ruth Nineke: When did you first fall in love with Hip-Hop?
MEGA: In elementary school. My older brother listened to Wu Tang a lot and I remember being drawn to the energy of the music.

RN: When did you write your first rhyme?
MEGA: I started writing poetry in 5th grade but my first [hip hops] rhymes weren’t until high school. I wrote a verse to M.I.A.’s “Bamboo Banga”

RN: What made you go from listening to, and loving the music, to merging with it?
MEGA: I always sang and wrote poetry growing up. I listened to hip hop and had a lot of people around me that rapped. I could rap to myself and to my notebook, but didn’t have the courage to actually pursue it. [When] I broke my back 2 years ago I realized my life needed purpose. I started doing social work with 8th graders and found a passion to voice the injustices of our society. Hearing the students freestyling in the hallways reminded me that I could use music as a tool to create a bigger picture. Hurting my back and being around the kids made me see I HAD to merge with the music in order to fulfill my destiny.

RN: When was your first live performance?
MEGA:My first live performance was also in December, with my cover band The B-Sides. We cover a lot of reggae, soul, and Motown songs. My first MEGA performance was at The Brooklyn Wildlife BBQ in July.

RN: What was your first mix-tape?
MEGA: My first EP, Invasion, was recorded in December. I wanted to introduce myself as an artist, and showcase a few different styles of MEGA.

RN: What inspires you?
MEGA: I take a lot of inspiration from my job as a counselor, the clients I work with everyday. I see how resilient the human spirit is and nothing is more inspiring than that.

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