Interview: Stylo

Last week I met up with the Stylo (birth name), the illustrator behind all the promotional pieces for BK Wildlife’s Summer Festival. California native and art school graduate, Stylo creates bright and playful images. Almost always with pen in hand, she decorates envelopes as a hobby. The artist is also forward and expressive. When asked what would currents events be in her ideal world, she replied bluntly :

“The fucking economy was out of the toilet, racism was being battled hard core, and women’s rights in America were’t being dragged back to where they were in the 18th century!”

The Q&A

Ruth Nineke: What is your art?
STYLO: My art is my being, its like a third or fourth appendage, its like a bodily function. I can’t NOT do it.

RN: When did you start doing your thing?
STYLO: I’ve drawn since as soon as I could hold a pen, so forever pretty much.

RN: How and when did you know this was your passion?
STYLO: I’ve known it was my passion since kindergarten.

RN: On a scale of 1 to 10, how seriously do you take your passion? 1 being, it’s something you enjoy doing; 10 being it’s a near obsessive, all-consuming part of your life?
STYLO: On the scale it has to be an 8 at least.

RN: What do you think takes it from a hobby to a passion, to becoming your life?
STYLO: I think it becomes more than a hobby when you decide to get an actual art education.

RN: Where do you find inspiration?
STYLO: Anything I see can be inspiration.

RN: Aside from your personal connection to what you do, what role do you feel art plays in society? How necessary or actualized do think that role is at present? In your immediate environment? And globally?
STYLO: Its place in society is a really rough question to answer, because there are so many people day to day who don’t give a fuck about art and just want to wonder through a life filled with mediocre generic crap, and yet true art only ever seems to be enjoyed in secret, by a small but loyal following of people who are excited and passionate about it.

RN: How did you become involved with BK Wildlife?
STYLO: Chris [Carr] is always hanging out at my neighbor’s loft. One day he saw my art and wanted me to make some posters for him.

RN: Do you currently, or are you hopeful to, make a living from your art?<
STYLO: I WISH I was making a living with my art! I have a BA in Illustration and even though I live and breath my art, it is not feeding me or paying my rent.

RN: What’s a typical day/week in your ideal life/world. What are you working on? Where are you living? What’s going on in current events? Local, pop, inde culture? 
STYLO: In a perfect world I would be living in my own apartment, filled with plants and beautiful things. I would have my own work space for my drawings, with all the art supplies I could ever want and plenty of strong lighting. I would be working on comics that people actually paid me money to work on and post online, along with my own random drawings of whatever for commission work. The fucking economy was out of the toilet, racism was being battled hard core, and women’s rights in America were’t being dragged back to where they were in the 18th century!

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