Interview: Valerie Kuehne


Valerie Kuehne is a charming intellectual beauty who plays a mean cello, and whose writings make for delightful neurological stimulations. Her social interaction is very casual and easy going. She’s got an accepting and absorbing vibe. She wears glasses and loose-fitting, layered clothing. It would also appear she doesn’t comb her hair. All signs point to genius. The Super Coda was her idea. If you’ve been invited to an event on Facebook – which, let’s face it, you have – then you’ve probably asked yourself “What is a Super Coda?” and been intrigued to find out. I’ll let Val tell it in her own words:


What is the Super Coda?
The Super Coda started as an experiment too see how strongly genre restricts human response in a live setting. I wanted to see if I could put a string quartet, a surf rock band, and a noise set on the same bill and still keep the audience attentive in a positive way. I’m still down with the experimentation but I’ve definitely spent the past year growing beyond the chaos. I mean i think I have.

How did you come up with the name?
I was thinking about lobsters and for some reason it appeared to me.

How often do you put together a show?
On average about once a week now that I’m no longer affiliated with Cafe Hell.

What are some of your influences?
I am influenced by everything in the most beautifully absurd way.

Upcoming projects for 2012?
2012 will see the launch of¬†C.O.N.C.H., a curatorial collective I’ve formed with Esther Neff of Panoply Performance Laboratory and Cat Gilbert of the 22 Magazine. We will be producing a series of multi-media events that attempt to combine everything that’s artistically possible under the sun in one place at one time.¬†

What’s¬†it like putting shows on in Brooklyn?
Working as a curator/artist in Brooklyn is like discovering 25 new flavors of tapioca, every day. 

What’s your favorite part of it?
The music never ceases to inspire, that’s definitely the best part. Also the M train.

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