Khloe & Scott Made KKTTH Worth Watching

The finale for Kourtney & Khloe Take The Hamptons was definitely pitched on Malika’s drunk attempted make out with her bff, Khloe. But the best part of the episode was Khloe’s cameo with Scott on the USA series, Royal Pains.

Khloe and Scott’s Friendship Is the best thing about the Kardashian TV Series.

I love how Khloe went from clashing with Scott all those years ago to becoming one of his biggest advocates. Their friendship provides some of the most entertaining scenes on the show, and their chemistry is hilarious. What’s most endearing about Khloe and Scott is that they’ve both had difficult few years, but each continues to seek out joy in their lives. It’s sweet to watch them be there for one another, from their more serious discussions to their goofier moments. Also, good for Scott to get out there and make a dollar in those streets – without getting white girl wasted and winding up in the hospital.

Kourtney Is Still The Worst

But we already knew that. All she does is hold her kids and nag, and hate, and nag nag nag. Kim is still a mettling instigator. Kris is still high on the smell of cash wafting off her fingertips as she counts her family’s fortune (no shade), and just slightly removed from her daughters’ “reality.” But who cares anyway? The K & K Take (City) series are only filler between actual KUWTK episodes. And the previews for next season look great. More Bruce! More flippant Kendall and Kylie, more Scott and more Khloe!

Post Originally Published: January 5th, 2015

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