KUWTK: Season 7 Premier

Post Originally Published: May 22nd, 2012


My favorite TV family of power girls/bad bitches is back!

Even though it seems like they’re everywhere all the time – in the tabliods, on celebrity blogs, and their spin-off programming – the original show is still my favorite way to keep up. I love all things Kardashian, even their drama queen mom. What keeps me tuned in is their willingness to honestly share themselves with the world.


Keeping it real with the people you love is something that resonates with me. How the Kardashians choose to cope with, and overcome, difficult situations inspires me. When it comes down to it they treat one another with love (after they bicker). They always put family first, and they force each other to be honest. Aside from the glitz and glamour their Kardashian family values are what make the series so popular with women. Their fame and wealth in no way exempts them from any number of hardships and personal dramas. It’s easy to say their fame and over-exposure is what causes their problems, but in life each of us is free to choose our paths, and follow our dreams, and no path is necessarily easier than another.

Don’t Be So Dramatic. 

In the season premier Kris is forced to deal with lingering anxiety from her revelation that she’d cheated on Robert Kardashian around the time she got pregnant with Khloe. She convinces her first three kids to submit swab samples for a specialist to test against Khloe’s DNA, to put an end to speculation. I’m team Khloe all day because she keeps it the realest.

She was spot on when she said there would be no need for the test to begin with if Kris hadn’t revealed her infidelity in the book. Kim was also on point when she called her mom out for pretending she wanted the test for Khloe’s peace of mind, when it’s obvious she wanted to make herself feel better. My favorite was when Kim tells her mother “don’t be so dramatic.” See, Kim does say smart things!

Team Work Makes The Dream Work!

 Kim’s feelings are hurt when she finds out Kourtney’s been meeting with realtors on her own, looking at new spaces for their Dash boutique. Kim feels left out of the decision-making and tries to remind Kourtney that Dash is group effort.

I’m team Kourt on this because just like Khloe she keeps it a trillion times real in the field, and she’s got that killer one range monotone when serving it up. My favorite is when she looks right at the camera and is like “Kim’s mad because she suddenly has all this free time…” [shots fired, re:divorce] “and I’m the bitch because she didn’t come look at spaces because she had a dentist appointment.”* [shots fired, called her out for being self-centered.]

Finally, Kris intervenes to remind Kourtney that Kim wants to feel useful and at the end of the day Dash is their shared, group venture.

I Love This Mess. I know every season is more of the same; Bruce is old and neglected, Kris is full of herself, Khloe and Kourtney couldn’t give less of a crap about anyone’s drama, and Kim lives in her own world. You’ve got Kris managing Kim’s fame, keeping the family’s wealth flowing, and trying to put forth this particular image and then you’ve got her husband and kids calling her out non-stop on her bullshit. It’s the mixture of their personalities and the sprinkling of Scott Disick’s wide-eyed confusion that really makes it for me. Keeping Up With The Kardashians is utterly priceless (and ridiculous) and I love it.


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