Last Night’s Episode: Grey’s Anatomy “Crazy Love”

The first three and a half minutes of last night’s episode (Crazy Love) were everything I love most about Greys: Meredith and Derek were being cute, exchanging quick dialogue, displaying magnificent chemistry, portraying fantastical true television love. And it was all set to a fun, uptempo, and whimsical soundtrack.

Grey’s Anatomy Got That Old Thang Back


It Takes Crazy To Love Crazy

Grey’s Anatomy has been getting back to basics lately – bringing all the feels, building all the friendships, giving the laughs, and dropping all the double-hand gasp moments. (That’s probably just me. I gasp for everything.) After the chef’s wife arrives and they begin their kiss and make-up session, Catherine remarks to Stephanie that “it takes crazy to love crazy.” As the Princesses say these days, she’s not wrong.


Amelia & Owen
Amelia is all types of inside her head, and feels, and she may be incrementally imploding. But it’s okay because she and Owen are good for one another, and they’ll figure it out. He knows all about loving an ambitious woman. And he knows a thing or two about new beginnings after a traumatic past. Amelia’s professional ambitions and personal desire to build a brand new a life are intertwined whether or not she knows it. So her fears of failure at work, or in love, are essentially the same fear. Obviously boning down on the Chief of surgery can magnify the issue, but I think once Amelia regains her self-confidence she’ll be able to see herself as good surgeon, and also a woman who is worthy of love, friendship, and support. 


Catherine & Richard
Catherine Avery has grown on me over the years. I like her sass. I like her confidence. I like the way she looks at people when she talks so they know she means business. Catherine Avery possesses a distinct authority in her age, professional expertise, and wealth. She has her priorities straight, and Richard can deal with them or not, but she wont forfeit them or be made to feel guilty for her choices. Richard Webber is a good man who loves strong women, whether or not he always knows how to handle his emotions around them. The most charming aspect of the relationship between Catherine and Richard is the example of growth and second chances it sets. I know no one really wants to think about two oldies bumping privates, but it is cute to see that you’re never too old to love, to try again, to try and get it right, or to keep trying…

Maggie & Ethan and Maggie & Alex?
I don’t know. I can’t be positive. But I’ve been watching soaps a long time, and especially with a soap like Grey’s Anatomy, you never know how or if they’re going to mix the things up. I really appreciate the way Wilson makes Alex so happy that he’s able to be nicer more often. Like when he forced a hug on Meredith after she took over his patient and her streak ended. But I also feel like I sensed a moment in the OR when he was telling Maggie how cute and smart and intimidating she was. Because Alex isn’t the type to just be nice just because you’re his best friend’s sister. He can barely muster it up to be nice to Meredith. The only person Alex is ever easily and willingly and abundantly nice to is his girlfriend. So I definitely found it curious that he would boost Maggie up so much. Then again, Maggie is so awkward and forlorn, you almost cant help but help her feel better. I can’t tell for sure though…

Yay! Female Bonding!


I’ve mentioned this before, but it’s really starting to stand out now: Grey’s Anatomy promotes female bonding and solidarity. I don’t know whether all of Shonda’s shows are necessarily lined with this, whether she decided to coat it extra thick this season in particular, or whether I’m just more attuned to the message lately. But either way I’m loving it. There’s enough alpha female, cat-fighting and bitchiness on television. Good T.V. doesn’t need to revolve around duplicitous villains and ratchet story lines to gain and retain loyal viewership. Having a show that blatantly promotes positive female interaction in varying instances and relationships is beyond refreshing – it’s reassuring.

Edwards & Wilson
Obviously, Stephanie and Jo are super cute resident buds. Their dynamic is a nice creamy backdrop of two chicks who can work together, be friends, be honest, and not be so hyper-competitive that either actually struggles at their job because of it. They just get along, and are always strolling the halls chatting and being silly. They’re like junior high best friends in The Babysitters Club. Like when Wilson jokes with Edwards, “I spent all day worrying what your specialty would be.” That’s cute.

April & Catherine
Obviously April made the call to Catherine because her mother-in-law is a specialist in her field. I really appreciated the body language between them when Catherine got off the helicopter. After their embrace, and after April nodded that she was okay and work wasn’t too much for her, she ran her arm through Catherine’s as they headed for the elevator. That subtle two-second motion relayed a natural closeness between the characters. 


Amelia & Meredith
I found it especially interesting when Amelia told Meredith to back off because she hadn’t walked in her shoes and doesn’t know her life. Even though no two people will have the same experiences or perspectives, if there’s one thing Meredith Grey knows – aside from surgery – it’s emotional issues and pain. I appreciated the silent knowing and tolerance Meredith afforded Amelia as she basically lashed out at her inside her own kitchen. Meredith’s been there though. She knows how it feels, how it goes. Meredith has doubted her ability to be emotionally invested and romantically involved with someone and still be a good surgeon. She might not have been a junkie, or accidentally killed her junkie boyfriend but she knows all about feeling unworthy and having a big giant chip on your shoulder. So that moment in the kitchen was cute because you just know it’s building to Amelia getting a dose of the type of sisterly love and support that only Meredith Grey can really give.

Grey’s Anatomy Season 11 is one of the best the show’s had in a long time and I wouldn’t be surprised if they pull several Emmy noms, and hopefully a Golden Globe. From April’s miscarriage, and Geena Davis’ guest spot as Herman, to patient stories, and even the camera work Grey’s is definitely on an upswing this season.

All that matters in life is Greys Anatomy. And Love. But Grey’s Anatomy is Love. So.

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