Last Night’s Episode: Revenge “Never Go To New Jersey On Business”

Post Originally Published: May 4th, 2015


Revenge is at its end.

This is the last season of Revenge and I’m so okay with that. I used to really love Revenge. Somewhere around season 2 I got confused, but by season 3 I was back into it. Louise has been my favorite addition to the series and I hope she finds work with ABC in the future because I doubt I’ll follow her to another network.

Courtney Love, Whuuut?

Let’s just put all the cards on the table, shall we? Prime time TV is killing it this season. Empire and Gotham were big hits for Fox, and ABC’s #TGIT hasn’t disappointed as much as it’s punched viewers right in the feels. But the real breakout star of the season has to be Courtney Love (although Jada kicked major ass Fish Mooney on Gotham) if only for the fact that I didn’t know that mess could act.

Granted she essentially played herself on Empire, right? Although I wasn’t moved by her vocal performance I totally believed the character and what she brought to it. But when she showed up on Revenge as Margaux’s hired assassin I was completely surprised. I wonder how that casting happened… Does C.Love have friends at the networks? Does her agent? Were the casting directors sitting around with the writing team asking “Who’s a mega bad ass killer?” “Ooh! Ooh! Let’s see if we can get Courtney Love?”


But back to Revenge

Ben, You’re Always Running Here And There

“You feel you’re not wanted anywhere”
Damn it, Ben! I know I didn’t really love you so much at the start of the season. But your strong will, your stickwithitness, your loyalty, and your heart grew on me. All season all Ben wanted was a chance to love that tough, little, secretive cookie that is Emily Thorne. He went so hard. He gave it his best. He was all in until she backed out and left him hanging, like a fool.


Just when I wanted to scream at Ben for being a giant jerk, for making Emily suffer when she was already at bottom, he turned it around and showed us what he’s made of. Granted it took Louise’s discovery and subsequent doubt to make him give Emily’s theory some attention. And just as he discovers the truth – that Victoria is alive – Courtney Love shows up and stabs him in the back of the neck.

Unfortunately, Ben’s murder is par for the course. We all know in the end it’s got to be Jack and Amanda/Emily 2getha 4evah <3.

Margaux, Mar-NO Thanks!

I have never once been here for Margaux LeMarchal. I didn’t like her when she showed up and started dating jack. I didn’t like her with Daniel. I love the actress. I think she’s beautiful and talented, and she does an exceptional job with the character. Whereas I was initially bored with Margaux I now loathe her. That’s entirely to Karine Vanasse‘s credit. She gave life to Margaux.

Vanasse has made Margaux loyal, strong, and no-nonsense. But now we have an evil, and vindictive monster on our hands. Now Ben is dead and Emily is going to go down for Victoria’s fake murder. All because Margaux lost Daniel’s baby because she was too blinded by her own selfish bitterness to hear Emily out when she tried to end the war.

Rest In Peace, Revenge

All in all this series has been one giant CANT EVEN. I love(d) it. I loved Victoria’s ice queen. I loved Congrad’s IDGAF. I loved Daniel’s boyish smile and almost believable educated Long Island accent. I loved Jack, every episode of every season. But somewhere along the lines Revenge got messy. The show lost its soap opera suds and traversed too far into sub-plot territory.

I enjoyed the general knowledge that Emily Thorne was a badass who could whoop ass. I did not so much enjoy the Initiative. Or those two brothers who stole Jack’s bar. I didn’t enjoy the tangent with Emily’s mother. Even though it was cute for a second, I really didn’t enjoy David Clarke’s return. And I really, really didn’t enjoy the overuse of the long lost relative – Victoria’s other son, and Jack’s “real” mother.

I feel like the long lost relative works best in a daytime soap because actors and viewers both have five days (hours) a week to work into the emotional bond. I have no attachment to a surprise relative in a prime time drama whose premise is shock & surprise, and the new character just becomes useless fluff between already too many layers of sub-plot.

I won’t miss Revenge and I’m not sorry it’s going. Four years was a good run. Hopefully we’ll see more of the cast elsewhere soon. (Even if only for a little while, since Ben’s character on Mistresses apparently has HIV and will probably be dead before the summer season is done.)

At least we’ll always have the image of Grayson Manor on fire.


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