le pingouin sauvage

I love that NatGeo Wild penguin video.

It’s so theatrical; there’s violence,  emotion, love, loss and heartbreak set against the cruel, cold, and unwavering backdrop of nature.

Tale as Old as Time

A penguin comes back to the nest to find his broad has shacked up with a new dude in his absence. He’s not about to be left out in the cold, and besides that is his baby moms. He decides to fight for what is his.

Replacement beau is not backing down. Old boy calls for Boobee to settle it. She picks the new D. Old boy goes for round two, and again does this instinctual cry, literally begging his former love like Meredith Grey pleading to Derek Shepherd in the scrub-room beside the OR, after the panty-prom incident to “Pick me. Choose me. Love me.”

Savage Female Penguin picks the new D. Again. At this point old boy is bloody, beaten, defeated, and standing on the lawn in front of his neighbors, a rejected loser.

And I fucking love it. For the savagery.

Who knew penguins were about that life?

Was he fighting for the tail, for the crib, for pride? All of the above? Does it matter?

What I saw was raw nature unfolding, unpredictably but to its own laws. What I took away from it was Life will fight – must fight – to exist. Survival is a fight. Everyday is a battle. Bloody, emotional, prideful, embarrassing, harrowing.

And it’s instinctual to rage the fuck out.

If you want your life
you have to fight for it.

I didn’t feel either way about old boy penguin or new D penguin. They fought, there was blood. So?

Back in the civilized world of humans with opposable thumbs, smartphones, solar panels, and 3-D printers people are being displaced and murdered in the name of greed and power; massive bloodshed daily.

And we’re supposed to be the evolved species. I could give less than two fucks about some penguins beaking each other out over some pussy or a house. I dont have an emotional reaction to a displaced penguin who’s mate doesn’t really do committment.

I have an emotional reaction to small children being displaced because governments want to control land and dictate ideology.

I have an emotinal reaction to numbnutted, brainless Americans who flippantly throw about the word “foreigner” as though it’s a joke that the very word is used to manipulate people into distrusting and fearing and hating innocent people.

I have an emotional reaction to the news. 

But then I reign in it. Because maybe we are not actually the evolved species. Maybe we are the penguins. Maybe we don’t love one another.

Maybe love isn’t real.

Maybe we just love comfort, warmth, stability, our homes. Maybe that’s why we fight. To maintain our survival on the terms and conditions which suit us best.

And fuck whoever’s eyes we have to gauge out. Fuck whoever gets left out, displaced, wailing in guttural agony and shame.

Stay savage, penguins.

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