April 17th, 2013

“The world still is the same, you’ll never change it.”

I’m not committed to that statement, but I do think sometimes you have to realize and accept that people are who they are, and they’re likely to stick with their habits and responses.

Changing people, exerting force and imposing your own agenda upon others requires a certain amount of emotional and mental lifting. I mean it’s all physics to me: energy, mass, etc, whatever. To get a desired outcome you’ve got to manipulate your environment to some extent. Manipulation, like everything else, can be bad or good depending on your perspective. And there isn’t a 100% guarantee on the outcome – only probables.

The past two weeks were like a rehab retreat for my mind and soul. I re-learned two truths about myself while in DC:

Doing for others is the greatest gift.

choose to see the best in others, even if it isn’t apparent. There are worse afflictions than being naive.

I believe that if I can [do/help/teach/love] then I absolutely should. And that my ability to recognize and respond to those opportunities is my strength.

The truth is in moments when I’m “being there” for people I feel just as alive as when I’m in the zone thrashing out 2,000 words a day. It’s a different kind of alive. One is very internal and solitary. The other is flowing, and spiritual, and allows me a connection to positive human emotion. It feels good to help others, regardless of what may happen later that hurts.

Life is the ebb and flow.

The second thing I relearned is that I am formidable, strong, and resilient. I don’t actually have a “give up” switch. I take respites. I choose my activities, explorations, and paths. And I respect the motion of the other nuerons in this cell that arent’t always riding my wave. (I should stop talking science because I only barely passed any of those regents)

So long as we know and own our strengths and weaknesses
no one else can manipulate us.

I’ve learned that I don’t need to expect anything from anyone because life is wildly unpredictable. Besides, anything worth attaining always comes with challenges. And anything I really need or want I can probably do or get for myself. Because let’s be real, I am that bitch.

Every challenge makes us stronger, but only if we think really believe it does. Working your heart muscle is imperative – a lesson I now understand very clearly in every sense.


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