#MCM: Jake Ballard


You know what it is about Jake? Aside from those big eyes, those full lips, that lean build on that long body? It’s the tenderness, devotion, danger, and pure sex that Scott Foley brings to the character.

I mean let’s face it Jake Ballard is the male Olivia Pope. He will handle it (it being the situation or that ass).

Jake Ballard gets it done.

He will kill someone in front of you and tell you exactly why you’re going to keep your mouth shut and forever after do exactly what he tells you to do.

And he will dance in the sun with you. And he will run in the streets in his boxer briefs when someone kidnaps you. And he will attempt to kill your father if you ask, if that’s what you really, really want. He will teach you to shoot a gun. He will even marry the wrong bird and jump on the campaign trail for you. He’s a good soldier and a great lover.

Jake Ballard takes his orders and executes them, then he finger bangs you in the bathroom at a fancy restaurant.

What more does any of us really need? (Also, he actually has eyebrows…)

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