#MCM: Josh Brolin

BAE. Stop it.


Josh Brolin is my favorite celebrity crush of all time.

I want him to do every single dirty painful thing to me. He exudes virility and just the right amount of wickedness. Like, hello daddy. Is that you?

Josh Brolin is an Aquarius – my favorite sign to love to hate to love. As an Aquarius myself I can’t help but be pulled toward my counterparts in the zodiac.

Aquarians are a special kind of crazy and we tend to speak our own language.

Also, Josh Brolin looks good anyway you do him up; long hair, don’t care! Beard? Yes please! Smooth shaven? Ooooh my… New Hipster fade? Sure. WHY NOT?! He’s got versatile looks and charming eyes, lined with a hint of zany.

His instagram captions tho… now there’s a mental ride…

Josh Brolin is playing Cable in Deadpool 2 in 2018 – and even though most comic book movies are crap I’m probably going to go see this one and love it.

Post Originally Published: October 23rd, 2017

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