Mistresses Season 3 Finale

Mistresses took a while to grow on me. But now I’m all in. I always loved Joss. Joss is a fun, down-to-earth disaster with a heart of gold. She’s spunky, and determined, and she genuinely always means well. For a spell there Harry was a real dick. But his marriage had fallen apart. He’d lost his restaurant, his sense of purpose and direction. The two of them coming together at the end of last season was exactly the turning point in the series that helped knock this season out of the park.

Joss & Harry 4eVa

Joss & Harry 4eVa

When Harry broke things off with Joss I was crushed. When Joss got arrested for Luca’s murder I was flabbergasted. When her lawyer turned out to be smoking hot (as did Harry’s agent) I got worried. But all that was for naught. Joss got out. Harry rejected Ari. And David never betrayed any intentions other than getting Joss freed.

Joss & Harry 4eVa

Too bad Joss & Harry’s reunion was short lived. She spent all that time in jail imagining her life with Harry, worried that she’d be convicted of murder, cursing the day she met Calista Raines — and for what? To be exonerated, make sweet love to her hunky Aussie, and then follow the trail of breadcrumbs back to the scene of the crime that almost ruined her life? Meanwhile Harry’s on a plane, her phone is in her car and Wilson has a gun pointed at her heart. If I’ve ever learned one lesson from television it came this summer, from Joss Carver: being a good friend can land you in jail, or in front of a gun, while your soulmate leaves the country to follow his dream per your advice. Don’t be a good friend. Get on the plane. Go to Rome with your boo. If given the opportunity, always go to Rome with your boo.

April’s Happy Ending

April, deeeerp

When Marc’s sister told April he was in love with her she looked like a Stepford Wife about to mal-fuckin-function. Rochelle Aytes is a marvelous face actress. And April, though completely naive, is undeniably endearing. You can’t not love a romantic. No matter what life dishes her – con man dead husband, a lying FBI boyfriend, con man dead husband’s baby mama drama – April still finds something to hope for, something to make her smile. She might seem misguided but she’s not.

April’s world really does revolve around Lucy. She wants to raise her daughter with good examples and sturdy values, and that includes the men she chooses to involve in her life. Enter Marc – the affable, goofy, semi-responsible but loyal man-child. Marc was so dopey at the start of the season, with his faces and head rubbing, and perpetually confused expressions. But when he sells his RV and shows up at April’s door step all big-Love-confession-ready he’s a perfect dreamboat.

Marc, that smile

Poor Karen; Still A Mess

Poor Karen
Only Karen could befriend a married couple, have a threesome, fall in love with them and get pregnant. Karen just seems to have dumb luck and I don’t hate the character for it at all. It actually makes her seem more human and real. Here you have this intelligent psychiatrist, who’s always prepared to give her friends well-thought out advice but she can’t keep herself clear of emotional disasters for anything. (Thankfully this season Karen’s life was never in any danger.)

Vivian was a treasure. She shook both Karen and Alec alive. Her death doesn’t make it easy for them to be together; it makes it necessary. The season began with Alec thinking Vivian needed Karen, when truthfully Karen needed Vivian, and now that the sick woman is gone I think Alec will need Karen and the baby to keep him from getting lost inside of himself.

Where Do We Go From Here?

I’m hoping for several things: I’m hoping Joss had the good sense to call David and the detectives and convince them Wilson was the killer. And they’re meeting her at the house and save her in time. I’m hoping Alec and Karen fall in love for real. I know Alec might have thought he loved Karen, but I think they both just loved Vivian. I want to see these two deepen their bond. Also, I’m hoping Joss’ super cute lawyer friend become a regular. Somehow, I don’t know. But he’s cute and I like to see his face.

With summer tv you never know if your favorite show is coming back next June. Mistresses continues to captivate though. And with a cliffhanger ending of a deranged and jilted lover pointing a gun at fan favorite it would be insane if ABC didn’t renew.

Post Originally Published: September 4th, 2015

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