Post Originally Published: March 14th, 2012

Mob Wives: Season Two Thoughts

Renee’s yelling again.

I just finished getting all caught up on Mob Wives. I watched the first two or three episodes of the season, and then I had football to watch and a book to work on. But I made sometime this week to sit down and see where these crazy bitches are at, and oh good lord.

So now Renee is yelling her head off again. She’s mad at Drita, because Drita said that Ramona said some stuff about Renee’s ex-husband, Junior. Of course when confronted Ramona denies she said anything. And so now Renee is ready to go in on Drita. Here’s my thing though: if you (Drita) know that your one friend (Renee) is a hothead, and you know (and everybody knows) that you and so-and-so (Ramona) don’t like each other, then why would you even get in the mix about how you heard she said this?

I’m TeamDri all day, but how can you say “100%” to the accusation that your supposed enemy said something. If everyone knows you guys don’t talk then how do you know anything she said. I mean unless this was said years ago when at some point yous used to chill. But even still, unless you were actually there and she said to your face, in your ear you can’t really be 100%. And if you know your friend is a hothead like Renee then why are you feeding fuel to her fire? Because you have to know that one day she’s going to confront this broad and then it’s your word against hers and the whole thing is a mess. Shrug. I love Drita, but that wasn’t the look.

Now, we’ve got Carla hanging out with Karen and Ramona. And I mean, come on! Both these bitches talked so much shit on her and Drita. And if your loyalty does lie with your girl then why are you going to hang out with other bitches who literally hate your best friend, and who talk endless shit. Like I understand having the sit down to clear the air about what was said when and what is and isn’t true. But now you’re playing golf and shit? Like now you’re spending a weekend in the Poconos with bitches? Chill.

I’ve fought broads. I’ve threatened broads. I’ve thrown broads out of parties. I’ve talked hella shit (all of it true) on broads. What I never do is deny what I’ve said, no matter who, no matter what. And I don’t dance around the topic either. No deflecting here. I will give you the verbatim of what I put out on you, always. And another thing I never fucking do is hang out with bitches who talk shit on me and my friends, and you never ever ever go away for a chummy-ass-girls-weekend with broads who hate your bff. Loyalty Carla. Loyalty!! Even if Dri said she didn’t care, I wouldn’t have gone. Wrong.

So of course Carla goes to the Poconos, and Renee is off her anti-depressants and drinking vodka and then she goes in on Ramona, and of course she starts “Drita said…” because if you want to get to the bottom of what some bitch supposedly said about your ex you let her know you heard it from her rival. Cause that’s how you get the truth out of a bird. For shame. So now Carla is sitting up there in a cabin full of big mouthed bitches going HAM over her best friend. How’s it feel dummy? I would hate to be stuck in the woods with people talking shit on my bff. Forget it.

I’m not pleased with any of this.

But on a lighter note, while I have you here, anyone else think Big Ang’s son AJ is kinda cute? I mean yeah, he looks high all the time, but whatever.