#MOODS Is Here!

Post Originally Published: March 5th, 2018

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About #MOODS, Men, and Mommy Issues

#MOODS was inspired by a popular hashtag, and a bunch of selfies I took in 2016 that I felt really captured my early-thirties-onset-ennui at the time. What followed was a series of random notes typed on a World Trade Center Bound/8th Avenue Local E train. These writings later evolved into a concise personal reflection on abuse, depression and self-harm, bad decisions and failed romance, cultural sexism, addiction, my aching need for love, and the elusiveness of personal growth.

#MOODS is brief, and not meant to get too deep. Instead, it’s intended to read like one very long Facebook status where I’m talking to you about what’s on my mind. It’s also sort of like going on a slightly uncomfortable first date with an introspective – if somewhat disconnected – individual who’s trying very hard to recognize and deconstruct her own issues, hoping to mature into someone decidedly less dysfunctional.

From the back cover:

Ruth Nineke, noted Aquarius and self-proclaimed misanthrope, reveals bite-sized portions of her personal history, thought processes, dreams, and rationalizations in her debut non-fiction effort. Shared here are notable life experiences which have shaped Nineke into the woman she is, and which set the scene for her future transformation. She delivers this memoir to inspire others, as much as to help herself learn, to let go and move on.

To my readers

Your encouragement and support and interaction has gotten me to write and publish my newest book in under 2 months! Holy, fuck-wow! Thanks to everyone who double-taps and DMs and tells me to keep going. YOU ARE THE REAL MVP. #MOODS, Men, & Mommy Issues is shipping out everyday! Pre-order is available for my friends, family, social media buds, and stalkers alike! Click the monstrously loud and busy book cover below to place your pre-order and save on tax and shipping costs! Because I love you and it’s clear you love me too!

Available on Amazon