#MOODS, Men, & Mommy Issues

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A brief memoir about abuse, addiction, depression, failed romance, and self-harm on the quest for happily ever after. Self-proclaimed misanthrope Ruth Nineke reveals bite-sized portions of her personal history, thought processes, dreams, and rationalizations in her debut non-fiction effort.

#MOODS, Men, and Mommy Issues is like a slightly uncomfortable first date with an introspective – if somewhat disconnected – individual who’s trying very hard to recognize and deconstruct her own issues, hoping to mature into someone decidedly less dysfunctional.

Shared here are notable life experiences which have shaped Nineke into the woman she is, and which set the scene for her future transformation. She delivers this memoir to inspire others as much as to help herself learn to let go and move on.

Buy #MOODS Add To Cart Available on Amazon


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