Post Originally Published: August 24th, 2015

Music Monday: Body Talk

Foxes Body Talk is everything to my life right now.

Foxes voice (which I didn’t even knew I already knew) on Body Talk is a melancholy blend of cinnamon and oomph. Her vocals sort of hypnotize you into wanting to belt out along with her, into believing you totally can sing. The simple lyrics on this dance ballad are backed up by reliable quick snap claps and underlined by smooth synth keys. A haunting echo builds up to the liberating chorus, immediately giving Body Talk a very familiar mid-80s disco feel. (Even though her clogs in the video are super 70s).

gotta rise gotta fight
cause it’s somethin I wanted…


The video for Body Talk is ripe with that de ja vu symbolism. Also everything.

Foxes pulls into a petrol station. We see her briefly interact with one attendant. Then she’s dancing it out with four other broads. After the hook Foxes is startled by something. The car pulling into the station again. Cut to Foxes in the backseat. Lyrics of the second verse are only slightly different from the first. Again, Foxes is dancing with the girls. Blue. Pink. Blue. Pink.


Like how many times can you get over him? And how perfect is motion for recovery? Dance. Exercise. Sex. Whichever. Body Talk is about to become the most played song in my itunes (*gasp* even more than Trap Queen) because I can not hear it enough.