Post Originally Published: October 13th, 2012

OMG Meningitis

When I heard the news of a meningitis outbreak last week, my initial thought was “How exactly does a steroid for back pain give people meningitis? How does meningitis get into a steroid?”

How does a pharmaceutical company create, release, sell, and ship out a steroid with meningitis inside, and not know? How do medical facilities accept and administer said steroid and not know with complete certainty what’s inside of it?

The ball was dropped four times.

First, where ever that particular steroid was made. I don’t know much about chemistry and making medicine, but I’d guess that at some point in the lab, while you’re blending compounds or whatever you should be able to identify bacteria that looks deadly.

Secondly, after it was made I’m sure it had to be pitched to a group of coats/suits for approval before they sent it to market. This was especially where it should’ve been tested, or checked, and meningitis caught.

The third point where the ball got dropped was by every single medical facility or practice that bought that steroid. They should’ve asked for samples and tested those samples, repeatedly.

And lastly, the ball was dropped by each patient who received the steroid but didn’t ask their practitioner for some sort of report or evidence of testing that listed all possible side effects.

It’s bad enough the company that released the drug, NECC, is some sort of “compound” pharmaceutics company, and as such is not subject to FDA regulation. It’s completely absurd that companies exist which can produce “medicine” for sale and not have to answer to the FDA. How absurd does that sound to you?

This is why individuals must take personal responsibility for every aspect of their lives.

Truth is we live in an imperfect world. Few people are fortunate enough to work their jobs because they’re passionate about their chosen field. Most people are passionate to get paid, so that they can buy consumer goods to numb the pain of unfulfillment they have because they work jobs they aren’t passionate about.

Consumers expect producers to handle the checking and fixing. Consumers expect what they pay for to do what Sellers told them it would, what it’s supposed to. But when every part of the producer-seller-consumer-chain of events lacks genuine compassion, concern, or accountability we can’t expect things to go smoothly.

Wouldn’t it be nice if more people took the time to explore holistic healing, and become informed on natural remedies for wellness, thus decreasing their dependency on manufactured drugs?

Look, it sucks that 90+ people got infected. Being sick is a bummer and meningitis sounds like it sucks the big one. But people have got to take a much more active and interested role in their own lives. Our health can not be for sale. We can’t put our wellness in the hands of companies simply looking to make a profit, especially when the truth is we can heal our selves of every ailment.

We are spiritual light beings temporarily inhabiting clay bodies.

But our light is infinite, and thus infinitely more powerful than the clay surrounding it. If the clay fails for a bit, we can use our light to fix it because the two work together. We need the clay strong to enable us to do our assigned light work in this dimension. But if we’re not using our natural abilities, if we deny the light within then why should it work? And if they light isn’t working, then how and why should we expect to keep the clay?