On The Topic of Race.


I’m not here to discuss race with you. At least not in the way most articles or poems or essays attempt to address it. I’m not here for extended segregation, or superficial guilt trips.


People are WHO they are, not where they were born. People are whatever they choose and want to be. People are not automatically their hair, their hips, their family, or their religion. PEOPLE ARE THEIR CHOICES Some people decide to be something. Some people decide to define their entire existence, and all their work, and everything they do, say, create, and share by their something. And that is their CHOICE. For instance, I decided to be an Aquarius from the moment I found out my sign. It’s to the point where I don’t know whether my personality developed this way because of the stars, or because of everything I’ve read about the stars, and tarot, and literally paid psychics to tell me.

Our choices define our identity

My opinion is that I am not a race. I am not my hair, my hips, my family. I have no religion. I am not a color. And no other human being is entitled to me based on any of those factors. <—- this statement is directed specifically to my estranged and stalkerish “family” and every “black” guy friend who disapproves either silently or vocally of my “white” lovers. No one holds exclusive rights to anyone based on anything other than consent.

I joke about how beautiful Colin Kaepernick and my brown babies would be because a) THEY WOULD BE BEAUTIFUL because they would have big eyes and height and good figures – DUH and b) it’s a joke because everyone knows I’m never having children. So the humor is actually in the complete unlikelihood of the circumstance.


But seriously, on the topic of race… on the topic of racism… on the topic of the US government perpetuating a police state and the bondage of the “black” man at some point this discussion has to take a turn from the same roads it always travels, and PERSPECTIVE HAS TO SHIFT FROM BLACK AND WHITE.

At some point people have to stop identifying one another as FUCKING COLORS. The only types of people are those who do and those who don’t. Those who act and those who are acted upon. The subject, and the predicate. But people ARE NOT FUCKING COLORS.

No reasonable solution for equality in America can possibly be reached so long as there is a divider of this type of people in relation to that type of people.

In my opinion you are either working toward unity, or you are perpetuating division. Personally, I’m a fan of isolationism. As a foreign policy, and a personal policy. Just because I like to be left alone most of the time (do NOT let instagram fool you) doesn’t mean I can’t tell the difference between bridging a divide and digging a fucking canyon.

Also, my opinion is that America is by no means a “white man’s country“. America is the beautiful, soulless capitalist’s country. America is materialist, criminal, and vain and that’s why I fucking love it. If you don’t like it you can leave. Or here’s a super novel idea: you can personally and whole heartedly DO something and make an individual contribution to changing the fabric of your society.

And anyone with “white guilt” is only blabbing that bullshit to make their own laziness somehow acceptable to themselves or others. White guilt is not real because PEOPLE ARE NOT WHITE.

Go in the mirror and say to yourself “I’m white,” or “I’m black” and seriously tell me you don’t fucking feel like an idiot. You’re not a color. NO ONE IS A COLOR. You’re a human fucking being, and your skin has pigment. The part where your entire identity is bound to your pigment is the part where I get lost. And call me close minded but I’m not really interested in hearing the everything that your pigment “IS.”

Slavery happened. Racism is real. I’m not going to pretend either of those are myths. However, the new slavery is a mental one. And the only people perpetuating racism are those who feel it necessary to “discuss” ad naseaum what it means to be x-race/religion/ethnicity. I’m looking at you Soledad O’Brien and CNN. Because if you thought for one second that a cable news channel airing a series of documentaries on race was anything more than hot air up your ass highlighting our differences then you were mistaken. All shit like this does is go “HEY! PEOPLE LOOK DIFFERENT. LOOK, PEOPLE ARE DIFFERENT. WE ARE DIFFERENT. WE ARE NOT THE SAME!”

What the fuck does it mean to be a color? ASK A FUCKING CRAYON.

What does it mean to be a human? What does it mean to have a heart? What does it mean to experience and/or witness injustice? violence? What does it mean to feel worthless at the hands of someone you love? What does it mean to hurt and to heal? What does it mean to experience exstacy en trance as you create? What does it mean to be a mother? A father? A sister? A friend? What does it mean to be loyal?

Are any of these experiences explicitly unique to a race?

When was the last time you witnessed some injustice and instead of walking away went right up and said/did something. I did it this summer when I saw a cop at Knickerbocker giving a teenage boy a hard time. Because it looked like injustice and it didn’t sit right with me and I’m not fucking afraid to say so. And before that, in 2011 I stopped a mother at Astor Place in the middle of her belittling her teenage daughter. And before that in 2007 or 08 I walked up to a girl on the platform at Queens Center Mall and told her to go upstairs to the hospital and walk away from her abusive boyfriend. And fuck me up the ass with a cactus because I can’t tell you the “race” of either of those people.

The point is bitching and fucking moaning about fucked up shit DOESN’T DO ANYTHING. And the experiences that change our lives are not exclusive to our pigment, they’re universal to our hearts.

When you are “talking” race please MISS ME WITH THAT. If you are doing art and creating and pushing the thought, and gestation of a truly brand new world, then come DO THAT with me. If you are sharing culture, tradition, music, food, and inclusive activities I WANT TO DO THAT TOO! (but only sometimes, because I need to isolate often; personal problems)

A little less conversation. A LOT MORE ACTION. HUMANS ARE POWERFUL. The human heart is equal and powerful in everyone. Race as a talking point is a dead fucking horse (to me anyway). I refuse to talk race with anyone ever again. And from now on I’m only calling people “black” or “white” with fucking finger quotes because if you tell me you’re a color I can’t possibly believe anything about “you.”

And that’s where I stand on the topic.

Post Originally Published: January 23rd, 2014

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