Piers Morgan, Sit Down.

Piers Morgan is everything I loathe.

Just another old white dude with a mansplaining problem, who holds antiquated ideas on what constitutes acceptable female behavior.

He’s one of those writers who can cleverly assemble language with apparent ease, and yet chooses not to use his power for good.

He’s a preppy sensationalist shit and for no other reason than he can afford to be. That’s his right and privilege as an old white man in media. It’s the role he was alotted in life and it only benefits him to perpetuate it. Morgan is an obedient self-serving tool who pledges allegiance to the patriarchy, and every time he uses language as violence against women he does his part in furiously scrambling to maintain the outdated.

And make no mistake that every time Piers Morgan admonishes a female public figure he is committing violence against her.

What’s worse is, that in regards to the tweet-match with Amber Rose, he’s too smart to play so stupid.

Piers Morgan has to understand that when women claim their beauty and sexuality in the 21st century they are exemplifying feminism. It is liberation. It is taking ownership of their attractiveness and expression outside of the male gaze.

He can not be so stupid as not to comprehend that. Which is what makes his assault on sexually confident and liberated women that much more disgusting. When Piers Morgan tells Amber Rose to “put it away luv” he’s in effect saying that unless her bits are on display for male satisfaction and/or profit that she needn’t bother taking them out at all.


Piers Morgan likes LOVES to police women’s bodies.

Classic fucking patriarchy.

He uses his intelligence and skilled communication with all his might to denounce, stifle, and redefine any incarnation of feminist evolution. His indignation toward popular – and more importantly independent sex symbols – is coated in all manner of vicious adjectives, reflecting the oldest and most archaic response to female power: Attack and Punish. 

Piers Morgan attacks women with words and he does it because he resents their attractiveness and his own attraction to them.

Men have been punishing women for their beauty  since the beginning of time. When Morgan goes off on Amber Rose, or Kim Kardashian, or pushes Katie Price to admit she was wrong for not taking her ex-husband’s irrational ultimatum seriously, he is no better than a village of men stoning a teenage girl for being raped. 

Feminism is not only about equal pay for equal work, or having the right to vote, or not being considered one’s husband’s property.

Feminism is multi-dimensional and means that a woman has – inherently – every same right as a man.

Feminism means that a woman has the right to take whichever career, or lover she chooses. It means that a woman has the right to do with her body whatever her mind imagines or heart desires. Feminism is creative, economic, and social equality. 

Femenism doesn’t means women should be exempt from critizism for our choices. But equality would mean we not be unfairly colored for taking over control of our sexual image, or capitalizing on its demand. 

Morgan is quick to say “I’m not a prude…” and he’s right. He doesn’t seem to have any type of hard hitting judgements or opinions on the porn industry or any of his media patriarchy frat brothers in suits who sexually harass women.

He’s not a prude. Piers Morgan is an angry and resentful pervert who feels personally slighted at the notion any woman would take the power of objectification away from him and his kind.

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