Candy Striper

A Poem by Ruth Nineke


Everday I meet this candy-striper
As I’m sitting in the hall
I try to tell her
what it is
that aches me,
where my body hurts
from the fall
And everyday she stops
before passing me on by,
She says
“What are you doing?
You can’t sit there.”
And before I can even answer her,
I begin to cry
“Hush hush,” she tells me
“This is a hosp-it-al.
“We’re very busy now
“In fact we’re awfully full,
“And you sobbing just wont do.
“You’ll have to come back later,
when someone can look at you.”
“But you’re here now,” I plead,
“And I’m in such terrible pain
I think if you could just see…”
She cuts me off,
“It’s not the same.”
“I can’t do a thing for you,
“You’ll have to wait for the nurse.”
she says the same thing
to me – word for word.
And I find I often wonder,
before we meet,
if she remembers to rehearse.


copyright 2008



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