Clearing Out The Third Eye

Some days it feels like I am, and we all are, just waiting to die

Like there is no meaning to anything we do and nothing we ever do will be great

And everyday I think of my own death

Will I be scared?
Will I know?
What will I see when I leave this plane?
Is death the end? Will it go black?
Can I comprehend now the idea of non-existence?
Of no longer being able to comprehend?

What comes next?

And some days, the good days, I am a determined life force who will not be put down

I will not lie down and wallow the unknown

I will not kneel at a shrine of my past failures and beg reprieve from the torment of finality

Some days I will do everything and the most and I will show myself what it means to be alive.


@ruthnineke February 21, 2018


Clearing Out The Third Eye


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