Johnny, Come Quickly

A Poem by Ruth Nineke


Johnny dumped me on Easter Sunday
cause I started what I couldn’t stop
I should’ve known a lot better
To pull out before I blew my top

Sometimes you have to push and shove
Batten down the hatches
You’ve gotta be persistent if what you think
You’re fighting for is love.

But Johnny isn’t having it
Johnny isn’t mine
Johnny’s a cold-hearted bastard
And Johnny will be fine

Men love whores
And a whore can’t have a heart
Because a man doesn’t need that
Just warm welcoming legs to part

Johnny said this one thing
And I’m sure he’s a said a couple
But something had a different reason
When I figured out Johnny speaks in double

Strong versus weak, stupid versus smart
Johnny says he’s sorry I had to take it that way
Like it wasn’t him who turned on me
Like it wasn’t him who broke my heart

I spent a few hours crying
In the middle of the night
Wondering what she had that I didn’t
Until I realized none of that was right

She has nothing to do with me
Because we’re not in a race
And if Johnny had any sense anyway
He’d know I always come in first place

But it doesn’t matter now
Cause as of today we’re through
And both me and Johnny can get away
With whoever it is we wanna do

© 2010


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