Kitten Does Not Know Best

All curled up on your lap like a kitten
Your hand by my ear, it’s so clear that I’m smitten

And I can’t help but disclose these –
My heartfelt, romantic confessions

Partially aware that you both enjoy
And fear my dramatic lack of discretion

In these moments your tenderness is
Ever present and understood

I can read what I want to see in your eyes:
The hint of a heart which aspires to good

I don’t remember what I was on about
Anymore, or even why I started

While I wish this was easier, I’m pleased
To cover ground previously uncharted

Just to relax, listen, go with the flow
As you hold me though, I know I’ll be left

With the lingering memory of this moment
In time I’ll see, it was all for the best


copyright Ruth Nineke 2008


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