Possibility Is A Girl’s Name

A Poem by Ruth Nineke



I’m pregnant
with Possibility
Future soon to be
brand new,
a world deep, unseen
exists inside me,
Now is True Reality
in Dreams I hold my girl
she’s always lost
but comes to me
when I find her
in each other’s arms we are
and though,
careless as I may be
she waits
in Tomorrow, so patiently
for me
to see where roads
come together
though sad is she
at my unwelcome delay
how understanding is this babe?
For she knows
the waking life is built on haste,
a blurry
worrisome hurry
filled with inconsistencies,
barely a moment to waste
in Forever time
this darling Light of mine
has no reason
to complain
Grateful to me,
as I am to her,
for in conception
she has made me a mother,
Earth moistened,
ready dirt
And she, the tree
could only grow,
can only be
so long as I roll the die
of fate
and do not try
fully embrace
the invisible tangibility of
in this context
I would only exist
in that vision
if she did
And my girl,
soon to be
wonder of my world,
the daughter named
comes through me
in labor,
the Present
of my will


copyright Ruth Nineke 2010



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