Satisfaction’s In The Reaction

A Poem by Ruth Nineke


i think a lot about how we’re just the same

i see or imagine a reaction
a thread
connecting us and i think
i get you

it’s only in my head
that’s mostly just me in my feels and
my ego
dying to be right
i’m just so grossly desperate for love
that way

i want to believe
(and in that way aren’t we all the same?)
i need to believe that
if i can catch a little bit of truth
between us
if i can just tap into that
unlock you
you’ll be so happy i did
that i took the time to build on my inkling
of knowing that you will just burst all over
right through your humanity
and weakness
and mine too

and you’ll adore me for it
pouring an eternal shower of infinite
renewable and constant love
down unto my cracked and dry

i want my reward
for loving you

well no

i don’t want it i don’t
need it
i don’t believe in you or
this stupid fallacy
this imaginary
glowing rainbow of true love

it isn’t real and you all can go on
and just
fuck yourselves

© 2016


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