Summer’s Fall

A Poem by Ruth Nineke


O June!
How Romantic
How Sweet you were to me
that surge of energy you injected with your kiss
like a lemon flavored cupcake
so tart, so sugary
And how! I fell
from Grace with haste, so fast and carefree
just like a wide-eyed little child
A wild bird, I tumbled recklessly, helplessly
through a tree with no one down below
to catch me
By July, how foolishly had I thought
that perhaps I could run and hide
But why bother now
to try and deny
when the truth is I didn’t want to stop
and really couldn’t have if I tried
How quickly August did follow
with a Lion’s roar indeed,
King of the jungle he
came charging in
And I felt he’d swallow me whole,
in the very first week
his intentions were clear to me
For it was solely my ego that he meant to eat
On the ground now is where I lay
awaiting September’s virgin
Her arrival only a few short days away
So I close m eyes and to her I pray that with her dawn
A goddess might raise
her voice and beauty, truth and mission in
So many words, with so much to say
I seek her good council and strength
that we may toil and harvest plenty for winter time
When this jumpy sprite will retreat and hide, cast away
in the darkness of her cave
She will return to play again
some sunny and far off day
when after the Earth had died and dried up
She shall embrace its Rebirth as another enchanting phase
in this, Her ever-constant seasonal change

copyright Ruth Nineke 2010


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