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The Due

What great pains
to reign in my temper
this tempest,
its fury

Though, I suspect
it may just be Violence
which cures me
I persist
A passionate crusader
of Peace, Tranqility
Understanding and Patience
None of which
becomes me

And when the storm doth hit
Where then shall those evil
hands lie

Upon what forgery
shall they place their name
To which birthright of death
will they lay claim?

Silence be no surpise
A toast to nothing then
but the strength
of denial, by groups
and in herds
There’s safety to be found inside the numbers
of the vast unlearned.

To all thine comfort and illusion
may thou be eternally
Prime ruler, surveyor
dost thou mind
to believe that it owns.

© 2013


Post Originally Published: October 10th, 2017

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