The Man Who Looks Like You

A Poem by Ruth Nineke


On the train
there is this man who looks like You
He has Your beard
Your beard used to annoy Me
so rough on My lips, My face
But looking back now
it was a beautiful thing:
the rigorous exercise,
the righteous strain of loving You
through My mouth

His bottom lip is not so
quite like Yours
but close enough
His shaggy hair makes Me miss You
I miss when You were Mine
and I wonder if I ever really felt like
You were Mine

If I could go back
I would
to touch Your face
every chance I got (I’d tell You)
I’d tell You I love You more
than this whole world
and kiss You even more often
than all the time

But You’re gone now
and I know You’re not coming back
I hold out hope
but it slows me down
So I get off the train
and leave behind
the man who looks like You

© 2010


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